Inspired By: Victor Matom

Photography by: Craig Kolesky

Photography by: Craig Kolesky

Reading this month’s issue of The Coffee Mag, I was inspired by the story of Soweto-born photographer Victor Matom. He was featured because he uses coffee to process film. Here is an excerpt from the article written by Jazz Kushke:

Quotes by Victor Matom

As a creative myself, I love his attitude + his passion. It excites me to see how far he’s come from where he was born. Below is a video profile of him done by Nikon SA. They’ve recently launched a new campaign called “I am a Storyteller”. The campaign showcases the inspirational stories of South Africans who through photography have influenced change in their local communities. I love the idea! Here are some of Victor’s photos. Cape Town photographer Craig Kolesky took the photos for the article. You can join his awesome Facebook community here. Check out his website here.

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