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Eat South Africa: Practical Treats for Banting

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Allowed 25g carbs a day so…..here are the carbs in some popular drinks.

Iced Mocha with chocolate Nesquick + full cream milk

7g carbs per glass (can have 3 a day)

Glass of gin & tonic

15g per glass (can have 1 a day)

Glass of wine

3.8g per glass (can have 6 a day)

1 piece dark chocolate 70% cocoa

13g per piece (can have 2 pieces a day)

Pork rinds

0g (can have as much as you like)


2.3g per spoon (10 spoons a day)

Blue cheese Salad dressing

4.4g per tbsp (5 tablespoons a day)


20.2g per 28 pieces (28 pieces a day)

Sugar free chocolate

Depends. Between 14-24g per bar, check on the back (1 bar a day)

Ferrero Rocher

5.3g per chocolate (5 a day)

White Bread

15g per slice (1 slice a day)

Shortbread/Sugar Cookie

18g per cookie (1 a day)

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