A Day Trip To Wimberley!

On May 25, 2015, the town was hit by catastrophic flooding during the 2015 Texas–Oklahoma floods, along the Blanco River which flows through town.

I found a magnificent student town recently called Wimberley outside of San Antonio – what a fantastic place! It reminds me of Grahamstown in South Africa.Home to Texas State, known for its fine arts program, the town began as a trading post in 1864! Look at it now!

Here are 5 Facts about a quirky Wimberley you’ll enjoy! Also, an article on it by Southern Living.

7 Facts About Wimberley

Wimberley Texas
1. Wimberley is home to The Corral Theatre – an open-air movie theatre, where you can “see the stars under the stars.” And you can bring your lawn chair. They’re open from May 4 to September 3, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Corral has been around since 1948.
2. Located in central Hays County, between Austin and San Antonio, Wimberley has a population of just over 2,600 people. It has an artsy vibe, with a downtown square that welcomes shoppers and strollers.
3. “Crystal River Inn” is one of many inns and b&bs you will find in Wimberley
4. Historical churches provide you with great context of how old the town is
5. There are many beautiful nature walks and trails
6.Lyndon B Johnson lived in this house during his time as a student in Wimberley
President Lyndon B Johnson historical landmark
Lyndon B Johnson historical landmark trail
7. Student Residences like this are dotted throughout the town and give accommodation to Texas State University students

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