A Day In Seattle

Brunch in Seattle at The Hart and The Hunter


  1. A stay at The Mayflower Hotel Downtown
  2. Brunch at The Hart + The Hunter
  3. A Walk to Pike’s Place – where you’ll see gorgeous, fresh flowers for sale!
  4. A few hours at MoPop: Seattle’s Museum of Popular Culture (I’ve written about it here, here + here)
  5. A pre-dinner drink charcuterie board at El Gaucho in Bellevue
  6. A look at the view from Ascend in Bellevue (not far from Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos’ neighborhood!)
  7. Back to Downtown for dinner at Sushi Kashiba for some very gourmet sushi!
  8. An after-dinner drink at Goldfinch Tavern (part of the Four Seasons) – also Downtown


A drink at Virginia Inn Tavern (said to be haunted!) – Downtown
A pint at the famous Irish pub “Kells” – website: https://kellsirish.com/seattle/ or their neighbor “White Horse Tavern” – website: https://white-horse-tavern-seattle.business.site – Downtown


Over 225 local artisans selling their wares, the famous fish-tossing tradition, and music-playing street performers, there are enough sights and sounds at Pike Place Market to pack a day (or more). The market added its historic MarketFront expansion in 2017, featuring an open-air plaza and fantastic views of Elliott Bay

Beautiful bouquets starting at 20 cents each
The famous Public Market from the Street

Bellevue Recommendation!

  1. “Ascend” Steak and Sushi Bar
From ‘Ascend’ – a steakhouse and sushi grill in Bellevue
Baby I hear the blues are calling Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs!

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