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See Oxford: Dew Drop Inn

Getting some work done at Dew Drop Inn, Oxford! Did You Know? Oxford was founded in the 9th century. In Medieval Oxford there was much tension between townspeople and students!

See Oxford: Christ Church Meadow

These ducks are all over the paths + meadows of Christchurch Cathedral in Oxford! Christchurch College’s alumni include Lewis Carroll + W.H. Auden. Did You Know? The Duck was a symbol of Isis, the Egyptian goddess who was a patron of nature and magic. The following quote is taken from the book ‘The Burden of

Experience Oxford: Famous Places To Visit

On Your To-Do List + Where the famous “Oxford Martyrs” were hanged in Oxford in 1555 + 1556. The three martyrs were the Anglican bishops Hugh Latimer, Nicholas Ridley and Thomas Cranmer (the Archbishop of Canterbury). They were tried for heresy in 1555 and burnt at the stake for their religious beliefs and teachings. Latimer and

Eat Oxford: Good Pubs + Restaurants

On Your To-Do List + The White Horse pub for beer + The Crown pub for lunch + Congregation House for lunch & history + The Oxford Kitchen for live music, wine & good food

Quirky Photos From Oxford

Locations + Oxford University Christ Church College  + The Crown pub + The Dew Drop Inn + Christ Church Meadow + University Church + The White Horse Pub + Bodleian Library  + The Oxford Kitchen + Broad Street Oxford + Carfax Tower

A hamburger at Shakespeare’s old pub

Did you know the famous Shakespeare used to frequent the same pub every night in Oxford? I travelled there + sat down at for a meal at his local here.

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Shining a light on some awesome followers. Feel free to connect with me on Twitter! Some Recent Comments In response to: See Oxford: Dew Drop Inn LexiLife says: This looks like such a cute pub!! xx See Oxford: Christ Church Meadow The Smiling Pilgrim says: Hahah so many ducks! Packing Tips: How To Pack The