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A magic market in San Sebastian

During the annual St.Thomas Day Festival in San Sebastian, farmers bring their prized animals to show off to the public + sell in the city square. One of these was a 4-horned ram! Sad to have magical properties, see it here.

Eat San Sebastian: Pintxos

San Sebastián is one of the cities in the world to hold the highest number of Michelin stars per square metre (only beaten by Kyoto in Japan, and well ahead of cities like Paris and Lyon). The city is dotted with “Pintxo” Bars… hosting some very unusual, delicious tapas-like snacks! I especially enjoyed the local wine, “Txakoli”,

Photo: Mount Urgull,San Sebastián

Nearby tombstone of a fallen solder beside Mount Urgull in the Basque town of San Sebastián. My full article on Mount Urgull here, including photos + why Napoleon chose this spot.

Eat San Sebastián: Atari

Above is the signature Gin & Tonic made with juniper berries at Atari tapas bar in San Sebastián, Spain! See Atari’s website here: They are famous for their creative Pinchos! Juniper berries health benefits:

Wear San Sebastián: Trinitate Plaza

Shot Details Taken on the streets of San Sebastian, Spain, during the St Thomas Day Festival. “Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.” – Rosalind Russell  

Snacks in the culture capital of the world

San Sebastian (where I got engaged) is the world’s culture capital for 2016! They’re most famous for the little snacks they make (and they make hundreds) at all the bars in the ancient “Old Town” on the water’s edge, every evening from 5pm.

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