Mansions of Newport, Rhode Island

Bellevue Avenue is famous for its gilded mansions from the 1800s. Take a stroll with me to some of the most famous homes in the world. The Elms Mansion ($1.5 million in 1898) The Rosecliff Mansion ($2.5 million in 1902) The Vanderbilt Mansion ($7 million in 1893) Marble House ($11 million in 1888)

Cable cars in Aspen

I’ve probably written more about Colorado than any other state I’ve been to. Being from South Africa, I love the mountains and the great outdoors. Take a peek inside some of my best posts – from the hauntings at The Stanley Hotel (location of Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’) to exploring Aspen in the Fall, to

Masks + Gondolas in Venice

Venice is probably best known for being the land of the the festive “Carnival” – with its elaborate masks, costumes, grand balls, eccentric performances + magically decorated castles! The music is at least certainly around all year on the streets. I felt the mystery of the city when I watched a glass-blowing demonstration, listened to minstrels,

Holy blessings in the Vatican City

Nothing can prepare you for the splendor of the Vatican City – Rome’s prized jewel. The gold + marble adorning the interior of the St. Peter’s Basilica is a magical sight. The numerous fountains, colors, smells + quirky sights on the Roman streets leads to some interesting pictures + memorable moments.

Stone frescoes in Pompeii

There’s a certain mood in the air standing on the old cobbled streets of Pompeii; Mount Vesuvius not too far from your vision. Exploring ancient shop fronts, brothels, bakeries + atriums is a whole-day activity. As you cast your eye over these mysterious spaces from 79 AD – including the “Villa of Mysteries” – you’re struck