Sunsets in Beverly Hills

Top on my list of places to see in LA is Beverly Hills + Santa Monica (which offers a gorgeous meal with a view, such as at this photo from Casa Del Mar Hotel). If you’re interested in Day Trip ideas – see: Five Things To Do In LA Mclaren in Beverly Hills Feeling Marilyn 

24 karat cocktails in Miami

Miami is a party city known for its art deco buildings in South Beach. I’ll never forget having champagne at the Ritz, walking along Ocean Drive, through dusty tobacco shops and spooky lit-up mansions. One such mansion is the Versace mansion, where I enjoyed a meal and this 24k gold cocktail.

Mussels along the Gulf of Naples

Somewhere, far far away, lies a beautiful little Italian island filled with giant yellow lemons, perfume shops, fresh seafood, local wine, panoramic views, white yachts and gold sun twinkling through lush green canopies. Sound like a fairytale? That’s not even the romantic part – which is that to get there, you take a ferry ride

Octopus on the beach in California

Anything better than fresh seafood at a coastal city? Everywhere in San Diego seems to have delicious dishes centered around the sea. Getting my daily nutrients has never been such a pleasure!

Mimosas with a Saguaro Cactus

The cacti in Arizona are so life size, you really feel like they’re about to look down and talk to you. It can feel like you’re partying your very own pet giant, at least that’s how I felt over here in this blog post.

Snacks in the culture capital of the world

San Sebastian (where I got engaged) is the world’s culture capital for 2016! They’re most famous for the little snacks they make (and they make hundreds) at all the bars in the ancient “Old Town” on the water’s edge, every evening from 5pm.