Champagne at a William III Country House

Ever wondered how the British aristocracy lived in the 17th century? Well now you can find out! This wonderful manor house is open as a hotel – and it’s only a few minutes from an historic walled city from 71 AD… York. Take a peek inside this exclusive country home and perhaps plan your next

Cherubs at The Brown Palace in Denver

The Brown Palace in Denver is easily the most haunted place in the city. But don’t take my word for it, ask any of these haunted ghost tour guides…. P.s. you may want to check out Molly Brown’s house from 1900 while you’re at it… (she was a first class survivor of The Titanic)

Beach adventures in San Diego

San Diego is a gorgeous west-coast city, known mostly for miles and miles of white-sand beaches, epic sunsets and abundant sea life. I personally spotted groups of lazy seals every evening at dusk on the famous “seal beach”, handfuls of seagulls bundled up on rocks during a stormy front and picture perfect magical rooftop sunsets

Ghost Tours in Colorado

Deep in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, I got to explore the famous Stanley Hotel – home to Stephen King’s “The Shining”. It was here that the famous author stayed and got spooked in room 217, and wrote the cult classic we all know and love. Step inside this hotel to see what it

Fresh roses in D.C.

Right beside the White House, on Pennsylvania Avenue, are some lovely walkways with fresh pink roses. A sunny day in manicured Washington at its best. Not too far from there is the St.Regis Hotel, which adorns its entrance with the same – fresh red roses amidst crystal chandeliers + gold details.

Sunset in the Sonoran Desert

There’s a wonderful JW Marriott in Phoenix, Arizona, that feels like a real paradise in the middle of a hot, arid desert land. I got to stay there + enjoyed the palm trees, pink sunsets, and cocktails surrounded by cacti and quails. See the moment here.

Tiffany statues in Chicago

The Palmer House Hotel in Chicago is one of the oldest + most iconic hotels in the city. It was a $20 million renovation in its time, and some original objects still remain from its creation in the 1800’s. Namely, 24-karat gold chandeliers + Tiffany winged angels. Guests are invited to enjoy drinks surrounded by them.