About This Blog

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My husband + I at ABC Studios in Arizona

How Did It Begin?

This blog began as a personal online journal about my life in South Africa 6 years ago. It quickly evolved into a full-time travel blog about places I was travelling to all over the world!

What Do I Write About?

I write about striking moments I experience in different places all over the world as I travel along my very own Starlit Path. (See my original “South African In” series here)

I’m following the stars + seeing how they illuminate the way as I walk my personal life journey.

We all have our own Starlit Path, I welcome you to join me on mine.

(You may like this post on a beachfront hotel I reviewed in Port Elizabeth, near where Nelson Mandela was born. Or perhaps this post on a private nature reserve outside Cape Town)

I feature content along the top from past travels, take a look!

Why Do I Blog?

I hope to shine a light on great moments that have lit up my path from where I began in Africa + which continue to do so every week.

Want To Know More About South Africa?

If you’re interested in South Africa – see my business channel with videos of some of the travel destinations we have to offer!

Thank you to my 2,000+ subscribers who have followed me on the journey!!!