Happy Halloween!

Hi readers! Just a quick hello + thought I’d wish you a belated Happy Halloween 🙂

The Magic of Charleston

Known for its cobblestone streets + horse-drawn carriages, Charleston is defined by its rich history + elegant architecture

A Dollar For Your Thoughts At The Griffon Pub

Pic taken at The Griffon Pub in Charleston, South Carolina! Voted by Southern Living Magazine as one of the “Best Bars of the South”, The Griffon Pub has collected over 20 years of dollar bills with scribbled handwritten messages from sentimental travelers on its walls + ceiling. This is my first post on Charleston –…

Psychics + Silver in Colorado

I’m in Aspen, Colorado. The shops in Aspen are gorgeous, I love walking around taking photos of all the high-end stuff. They are so great to check out when no one else is around. When I travel, I like to get up as early as possible and catch the best light around town. It’s amazing…