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The Magic of Charleston

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Charleston South Carolina Video
Touring one of Charleston’s iconic homes

I spent a weekend in Charleston, South Carolina, during which time I went on a history tour with Charleston Old Walled City Tours, ate the region’s famous shrimp & grits, learnt about their haunted graveyards, enjoyed their world-famous architecture + overlooked their stunning ocean. Here’s a 1-minute video Skybok produced on this gorgeous town!

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The Palmetto Cafe at The Belmond Charleston Place
The Palmetto Cafe at The Belmond Charleston Place
Husk Restaurant Charleston Photos
Headed by two-time James Beard award-winning chef Sean Brock, Husk’s menu is unique not only because of its interesting takes on Southern favorites but also because the menu changes twice a day.
The Governor's House Inn
Bed & Breakfast, “The Governor’s House Inn”
Charleston Bloggers
The elegant pastel antebellum architecture is the neoclassical architectural style characteristic of the 19th-century
Spanish Moss in Charleston
Spanish Moss hangs on nearly every tree
Horse-drawn carriages Charleston
Carriage rides are readily available for sightseeing tours
Street scene Charleston South Carolina
The motto of the city is “Aedes mores juraque curat” which means “She guards her buildings, customs and laws.”
Beautiful walking tours on offer 
Pastel Antebellum Houses Stock Photo
Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality in Charleston. Back in the day, sea captains would announce their arrival and invite people to hear their stories by sticking a pineapple prominently outside their homes.
Charleston Travel
All the homes in Charleston have verandahs that face south or west.
Architecture Charleston
It was originally Charles Towne, named for King Charles II, but they dropped the “w” and fancy “e” in 1783 (it wasn’t popular to have cities named directly after British royalty then)
Horse drawn carriage
Classic Charleston
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A Dollar For Your Thoughts At The Griffon Pub

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Pic taken at The Griffon Pub in Charleston, South Carolina! Voted by Southern Living Magazine as one of the “Best Bars of the South”, The Griffon Pub has collected over 20 years of dollar bills with scribbled handwritten messages from sentimental travelers on its walls + ceiling. This is my first post on Charleston – more pictures + exclusive video from this fascinating town coming this month.

Quick recap:

+ Did a walking tour with this tour company

+ Stayed at this hotel 

+ Had my favorite meal at this restaurant 

+ Discovered bone marrow at this bar 

+ Recommend you visit this venue if you go!

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Psychics + Silver in Colorado

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I’m in Aspen, Colorado. The shops in Aspen are gorgeous, I love walking around taking photos of all the high-end stuff. They are so great to check out when no one else is around. When I travel, I like to get up as early as possible and catch the best light around town. It’s amazing to see the history of some of these buildings. They are still standing from the 1800s. They are so attractive!


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Charcuterie + Artisan Cheese Board at 8,000 ft

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Wok charred spicy edamame, shishito peppers, garlic + sesame with a charcuterie + artisan cheeseboard at “The Living Room” in Hotel Jerome, Aspen. The room is warm + toasty (excuse the pun), it lends itself well to warming you up after chilly adventure in the mountains! As it happened, we had just returned from visiting The Continental Divide, and I couldn’t get over the mystical feeling I had from the sights of the snowy mountains. What a thrill sipping red wine and nibbling from this cheeseboard in a magnificent lounge at 8,000 ft elevation!