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Women Are Stronger Together


I grew up with a very strong mother. She currently runs an International Manufacturing Company in South Africa. We export brick-making machinery & equipment all over the world. She always taught me to stand up for what I believed in and, more importantly, in what I believed was the right thing.

When Oscar shot Reeva in the highly-publicized case (I’m sure you heard of it), I took it on as a personal plight to educate myself more on women’s rights + the statistics surrounding it, and get even more involved.

It’s why I took on an active role in pioneering the Social Media Campaign for Brooklyn Fashion Week’s ‘Denim Day’ Walk last year to spread awareness of Sexual Harassment + do a passive protest. Read the posts below:

  1. What Exactly Is Denim Day & Why Should We Care?
  2. My Model Shoot For Sexual Harassment Awareness Month
  3. My African In New York Model Shoot with African fashion designer Abou Gangue
  4. Photos From The Denim Day Walk in New York

It’s also why I accompanied my dear friend Lindsay Ziehl to Buckingham Palace in London last year to receive her MBE for her work fighting Domestic Violence in South Africa. Read the article here. If you’re interested, read my article on Domestic Violence Statistics in South Africa.

But supporting our fellow females should take on importance in our personal relationships also.

The power that lies in the spirit of uniting with other women should extend to our personal lives too.

I enjoy the successful female role models around me. Somehow, I always find myself drawn to female creatives. I find fashion designers, photographers + business owners especially admirable. I always try support in every way I can – especially by celebrating their strengths + finding ways to collaborate.

On this note, above is an article of me published in an International Film Compendium by The American Film Market, which I am so proud of! It also moves me to see the incredible achievements of other women featured in the magazine from all over the world. Another great publication like this, more accessible, is a magazine called “Where Women Create”, subscribe to this.

Some people I’ve supported in the past

If you like design, you might also find Cape Town fashion designer Benita Allen’s ‘Chica Loca’ range that I modeled very beautiful.

Want more? Watch the video profile I produced of another Cape Town fashion designer, Ferial Johannes, who dressed me when I did loads of hosting work in Cape Town and who designed the dress I wore to Buckingham Palace!

Looking for a photographer in South Africa? I got my headshot done with a female Cape Town photographer Talitha Snow, and have done incredible work with another Port Elizabeth/Cape Town photographer Sarah Keogh, where together we have shot loads of projects + even landed the cover of a South African Magazine.

When it comes to charities, I’ve always supported 2 hard-working social workers in Cape Town who run an organization called “Little Fighters Cancer Trust” – caring for children in South Africa with Cancer – and have done my level best to represent their cause where I can. (If you would like to donate, get in touch with me here. They could use all the help they can get!) $10 would go a LONG way. I also help my domestic worker back in South Africa as much as I can – a single women raising 7 children on her own.

As you go out into your week, I’m asking you to stand together with your fellow women. In the world at large, read about causes that are close to you and make it your mission to change the narrative. In your personal life, harness the power you have together. It’s amazing how healing it feels to look for the strengths in each other + use them in collaboration to make real progress.

Make a real difference in your relationships + in your world, and remember to “be the change you want to see in the world”.
Here’s to you, ladies!

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Mbongeni Buthelezi + Beating The Odds

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The tale of a South African artist, Mbongeni Buthelezi, really moved me recently. Coming from South Africa which has so little, to America which has so much, I must say I find these stories very inspirational. It’s about the human spirit refusing to give up on what it knows it deserves.

Because he was poor but loved to paint, he had to come up with some way to create the ‘paint’ he couldn’t afford. He started collecting old plastic and applying heat to it on canvas, discovering soon he was creating a striking new medium that could help him make art. Quite frankly, he personifies the term ‘making something out of nothing’ by using plastic to paint. And the most admirable part is that it’s eco-friendly, asking his audience to look at waste in a new way. The videos above + below are wonderful, watch them.

I wrote about a similar inspiration story a while back, a man from the townships of South Africa who processes film with coffee. Read it here.

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An African Folktale About The Hippo

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Here is an African folktale about ‘Why Hippos Don’t Eat Fish’:

When God was giving each animal a place in the world, the pair of hippos begged to be allowed to live in the cool water which they so dearly loved.

God looked at them, and was doubtful about letting them live in the water: their mouths were so large, their teeth so long and sharp, and their size and their appetites were so big, He was afraid that they would eat up all the fish. Besides, He had already granted the place to another predator – the crocodile. He couldn’t have two kinds of large, hungry animals living in the rivers. So God refused the hippos’ request, and told them that they could live out on the open plains.

At this news, the two hippos began to weep and wail, making the most awful noise. They pleaded and pleaded with God, who finally gave in. But He made the hippos promise that if they lived in the rivers, they must never harm a single fish. They were to eat grass instead. The Hippos promised solemnly, and rushed to the river, grunting with delight.

And to this day, hippos always scatter their dung on the river bank, so God can see that it contains no fish bones. And you can still hear them laughing with joy that they were allowed to live in the rivers after all.

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Why I Love Featured Content

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 Like a leading hotel, a blog needs some stand-out content.

My blog is very diverse, I have been on adventures since before I was a finalist for a presenter search on a travel show in South Africa in my early 20s!

Even before its finals in Mauritius, I had already been twice before to the exotic island, as well as to Singapore, the Caribbean, Thailand, Germany, Italy, Los Angeles + Great Britain with my family.

Now – after even more global travel – one thing I enjoy doing is featuring some awesome content of past travel stories, still relevant today. Every month I change up the featured content, so you to get a true cross selection of my travel reporting from tons of cities, just for you!