Women Are Stronger Together

I grew up with a very strong mother. She currently runs an International Manufacturing Company in South Africa. We export brick-making machinery & equipment all over the world. She always taught me to stand up for what I believed in and, more importantly, in what I believed was the right thing. When Oscar shot Reeva…

A Typical Nightclub in South Africa

In case you were curious, here’s what a typical nightclub / music venue looks like in South Africa. Of course, each city is different. Let me know what you think! East London Grahamstown Port Elizabeth Cape Town

Mbongeni Buthelezi + Beating The Odds

The tale of a South African artist, Mbongeni Buthelezi, really moved me recently. Coming from South Africa which has so little, to America which has so much, I must say I find these stories very inspirational. It’s about the human spirit refusing to give up on what it knows it deserves. Because he was poor but loved…

An African Folktale About The Hippo

Here is an African folktale about ‘Why Hippos Don’t Eat Fish’: When God was giving each animal a place in the world, the pair of hippos begged to be allowed to live in the cool water which they so dearly loved. God looked at them, and was doubtful about letting them live in the water:…

Why I Love Featured Content

 Like a leading hotel, a blog needs some stand-out content. My blog is very diverse, I have been on adventures since before I was a finalist for a presenter search on a travel show in South Africa in my early 20s! Even before its finals in Mauritius, I had already been twice before to the exotic island, as…

Highlight: Mountain Views of Haute Cabrière

Cradled by the Franschhoek Mountains and deeply rooted in history, Haute Cabrière – The Home of Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique – is one of Franschhoek’s most exquisite food and wine destinations, where visitors get to experience a deep passion for wine, a culture of wine pairing and the art of sabrage.

Highlight: Dusk in the South African Winelands

Many say there are farms which are haunted in the South African winelands, many farms of which have a history dating back to 1685. If you like ghost stories + the outdoors, you might be interested in the “Spookdraai” hiking trail. Click here for info.