5 Must-try German Desserts!

Something you may not know about German culture is their love for their desserts! From Bee Sting Cake to Red Berry Pudding to Quark Pastries with Plum Butter – I give you the top 5 German Desserts to try (or to try make!)

An African Safari Experience

With SO many of my American friends + clients booking safaris now that COVID is over and travel restrictions are lifted, I thought I would share a collage of beautiful photos from a trip I took in late 2019 pre-COVID. Pssst. You might want to read this: WISE AFRICAN PROVERBS How many people in the…

Nutella Pancakes on the Altser Lake in Hamburg

A look at the Top Ten Things to do in Hamburg, from my eyes to yours. Featuring Nutella Pancakes, miniature train tracks, chocolate pastries, beer, pretzels, cobblestone streets and botanical gardens – not to mention churches and world war 2 memorials! If you’re a subscriber – lucky you, some extra video content – if not, why not subscribe today!?

Edgar Allen Poe in Los Angeles

Did you know there is an immersive theatre experience in Los Angeles based on Edgar Allen Poe? It’s a fantasy-driven theatrical re-enactment of Edgar Allen Poe’s life and the mystery of his death: based on true facts and events! You’re welcome.

South African Healing Herbs

Many people don’t realise that where I’m from, the first choice for a healing remedy is not always a pill from the pharmacy. A lot of the time, it’s an organic alternative from the herbs and naturally occuring vegetation in South Africa. After reading about these remedies that have been around for thousands of years, you may yourself switch to healing herbs.

Howler Monkeys in Belize

Kate + William are in Belize right now. They’re doing pretty much everything I did. (Including listening to the Howler Monkeys at the Caracol Archaeological Site and freaking out like I did!!) So – here are my top experiences in this beautiful, tropical, Caribbean country – and some exclusive behind-the-scenes content that you will never…

Peeking Through Glass at Ancient Deities

Did you know that every Egyptian household had a deity it worshipped? Over hundreds of tiny statues of limestone and alabaster have been unearthed over the centuries, each with significant power and meaning. Any problem could be solved by prayer to a deity. Gaze through the glass with me while I explore some…Cairo’s Egyptian Museum of Antiquities provides a haunting backdrop into the religion of a bygone era.

Tasting Traditional Cuisine

Traditional Egyptian Middle Eastern Cuisine dishes include delicious Mixed Dolma, Moussaka, Pita Breads, Tahini and Falafel. Thank you to Viking Ra for providing exquisite meals while on a recent cruise in Cairo!