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Six things I’d love to do in New York


new_york_skyline-wideIn just over a month I’m off to New York to study “Acting for Film” + “Film Production” at the New York Film Academy. They have schools all over the world including in Los Angeles, Paris, Florence, Harvard University, Beijing, Japan, Abu Dhabi, India and Australia. I chose New York because I’ve never been and let’s face it, it’s arguably the capital of the world. I’m very excited for the months I will be there! Aside from the actual course, I’m excited for the incredible guest speakers they get at the school (Kevin Spacey, Ben Kingsley, Steven Spielberg, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Billy Zane and many more). I’ve put together a list of six things I want to make sure I experience while I’m there – I get that it’s a huge city, but these are things that stand out to me. I recently did a similar article for my Madrid trip in June (see the article here). What’s great is, I celebrate my 25th birthday the day after I land in the U.S, so I would love to do something really special to celebrate (throw any ideas at me if you have!)

1. A horse & carriage ride through Central Park. I can’t think of a better way to gently introduce myself to this city. let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to go back in time for a bit? It can be located on Central Park South between 5th and 6th avenues. 

2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love art and I think I’ll absolutely love this famous museum. I’m particularly interested in the museum’s collection of ancient Egyptian art!

3. A stroll through the West Village in Manhattan. I saw an article on it by Time Magazine hereWhat appeals to me about this are the cobblestone streets which have remained unchanged since the 19th century. The Magnolia Bakery sounds amazing with their signature cupcakes. I understand their cupcake of the month this month is the “hummingbird” – banana, pineapple and pecan cake with sweet cream cheese icing topped with toasted pecans. Yum.

4. The Metropolitan Opera House. It’s located on Broadway at Lincoln Square in the Upper West Side of Manhattan. It’s part of the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, and it opened in 1966. The night of my birthday they are staging “The Sleeping Beauty” at 7:30pm.

5. Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village. What can I say, I love comedy! I hear this is a great club.

6. Film Forum. From my understanding this is a very popular independent movie house. I can imagine the films shown here are very interesting. As a film graduate, I will definitely appreciate what I would otherwise never get to see! I like the look of the original “Cleopatra” starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Another one that caught my eye was “Rosemary’s Baby” starring Mia Farrow.

How about you? Do you have any suggestions for me for when i’m in New York?


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Getting Interviewed on Top Billing & Filming a Music Video


I recently went to the “Cape Town Good Food & Wine Fest”. I did it because I love food and wine. This was a whole day of walking around discovering new tastes and brands that the Western Cape has to offer. My best was the Vrede en Lust wine stall. I bought their flagship wine for myself – The Boet Erasmus 2009. We shot their video profile for Skybok recently as a result! I made a new friend in The Pillsbury man while we walked around! I also entered a competition to win a car. The wine tasting was way too much fun. I went with my good friend Candice and we had a fabulous time sampling this new champagne vodka that’s out. We also tried shots, cocktails and a new Bubblegum flavoured liqueur by a company called Smooch Beverages.

In other news, I had an interview with the popular local TV show Top Billing. Presenter Janez Vermeiren interviewed me!

I’ll be appearing on the Expresso breakfast show and Top Billing on the 3rd of July, so tune in if you like! 🙂 Recently I shot the new music video for a band called Mac Stanley (previously known as Flat Stanley) and their song ‘Hold On’. It was very cool! I had to be a graceful sleeping beauty and smooch my prince 🙂

I’ve also been pleased with two interviews I did for very popular local blogs – Check them out! Sometime not too long ago I went to watch Alan Committie’s show called ‘Funny Business’ at Theatre on the Bay. It was honestly one of – if not the best – comedy shows I’ve ever seen in my life. I went with my friend Nella and we didn’t stop laughing all the way through. The man is brilliant I watched him perform again last night as MC at the Vodacom Funny Festival at The Baxter Theatre here in Cape Town.

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A Night of Comedy with Bafunny Bafunny

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How’s this for a cute concept: “If comedy was a sport, who would represent South Africa?” Bafunny Bafunny is a new hilarious comedy show, featuring 8 of South Africa’s best (funniest) comedians.

The title alone grabs your attention; a smart pun playing on the name of our national soccer team ‘Bafana Bafana’… Who are they, you’re asking? Who makes up our team?

Touring South Africa, these 8 comedians have put Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town in stitches! I attended the show in Cape Town at the Grand West Grand Arena, and let me tell you by the end of the 2 and a half hour show I was crying my way out of there.

MC’d by Mark Banks, The Bafunny Bafunny squad did not disappoint! The comedy was all very sharp, very relevant and extremely unforgettable! (I’ll be that irritating one that repeats the jokes to her friends for weeks to come)

A recurring theme through all the comedians seemed to be Julius Malema as well as the cuss word “jou ma se –“ (us South Africans know the rest 🙂 ) I wonder if they all had a workshop and brainstormed together…

My favourite comedian of the night by far was Trevor Noah (ironically he didn’t swear once).

Sponsored by Savannah – “Official Drink of Funny” – this was a real cross-section of talent, featuring comedians from all backgrounds and from all walks of life. There would have been at least 1 out of the 8 that appealed to you if you attended!

Here is the URL to the website where you can learn about each comedian if you want to know more about them and their ‘position’ in the ‘team’.

  • Barry Hilton
  • John Vlismas
  • Loyiso Gola
  • Mark Banks
  • Trevor Noah
  • Nik Rabinowitz
  • Stuart Taylor
  • Eugene Khoza

Also, check out their killer trailer –

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John Cleese Brings His Alimony Tour to Cape Town


John Cleese. We all know him as Basil from the famous British sitcom Fawlty Towers, produced by BBC Television and first broadcast on BBC2 in 1975.

We also loved him for his role as a member of Monty Python, the comedy troupe responsible for the sketch show Monty Python’s Flying Circus and four Monty Python Films: And Now for Something Completely Different, Holy Grail, Life of Brian and The Meaning of Life.

He describes himself as a “British Writer, Actor and Tall Person” on his blog and of course many of us remember his witty British humour gracing our very own South African film, Spud.

He’s done it all – radio, television and film; including his roles in two James Bond films, two Harry Potter films and three Shrek films. Basically, he’s a legend. And just one week before his 72nd birthday, he is performing stand-up comedy in South Africa. Brilliant. He performs at the Cape Town International Convention Centre tonight, as well as over the weekend (22-23rd Oct) He is in Johannesburg from the 25th-30th of October.

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Leon Schuster’s Back

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Drinking my morning Nescafe, I do the rounds of reading about the latest updates in the SA Film industry. As I click through many articles; two words jump out at me again and again. Leon Schuster. It seems he’s come out with a new film.

We all know his most popular movies (Panic Mechanic, Mr Bones, Oh Schuks…it’s Schuster, Mama Jack) and a lot of us look back fondly on memories that saw us rolling around the bedroom floor in hysterics at his characters. Well – more of those moments await us because he has a new film coming out called ‘Bad Buddies’. Schuster says; “It’s about two men, one black, one white who are supposed to be buddies but instead they are constantly bickering, plotting against one another.” Apparently it still has the same formula – simple, straightforward and concentrating on visual gags. Gray Hofmeyr, well-known South African film and television director, sums it up as the ‘funniest we have ever done’ – hmmm, no pressure. More good news – the Walt Disney Company itself has just acquired the Distribution rights! Woah, not playing around.

“I am thrilled by the idea!” Schuster exclaimed in an interview with The Citizen. “It’s definitely a dream come true. But I’m also carefully optimistic because this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an international success. I believe Disney will give the movie more support with their massive marketing machine and unlike working with a local producer, Disney will make sure it gets exposed worldwide.” I say Thumbs Up, Schuster! I hope that an international audience will welcome the film and its jokes as much as we here in South Africa will… I for one love a good comedy.