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Here We Go: The Hydro in Stellenbosch

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A few weekends ago I found myself at the Hydro in Stellenbosch for a weekend getaway treat. The Hydro offers all kinds of spa packages and its set amidst the beautiful winelands of the Stellenbosch wine region (40 minutes drive from Cape Town). Walking through the vineyards in between treatments, I was stunned by the truly picturesque sights I was seeing. Below are a few photos I took while walking around the estate. I did a course at Vega offered by Canon in the basics of photography, so I had a great time putting what I learnt to use!




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On Instagram


Here are a few tips I’d like to share with you about taking great photos for your Instagram:

+ Get Close up and personal

Whether you’re eating a salad, see a cute animal or want to capture a lovely moment with someone, getting close to the subject comes across really well. Enjoy an angle you wouldn’t have otherwise tried from up close and you will see your shot becomes so much more effective. Photograph that cup of coffee or your make-up spread across the vanity in a different way that you haven’t seen done before by getting close and trying a different angle. Once you add your filter it will look like something out of a magazine!

+ Stick to the square

Unfortunately, Instagram gives you a strict option of cropping when you upload your pictures. Sometimes a stunning vertical photograph you see before you wouldn’t work on Instagram. Remember that when shooting and just ‘stick to the square’ when composing your shot!

+ Tap to Focus

This is a wonderful little feature I only just realized myself. With all of these smartphones, you can tap on a subject within your frame which you specifically want to stand out in your shot. Say you are capturing a crop of daisies, but have one in particular that you want to stand out, tap it on the screen as you hold your phone up to take the picture. You’ll see it comes into focus and the others sort of fade to the background. This adds such a beautiful and interesting dimension to your shots, and I highly recommend it.

+ Be Aware of Light

Natural lighting is the best for Instagram. Rather stay away from using your flash. Move near a window if you must. If you want to specifically take a ‘mood’ shot by shooting in the dark, leave it at that and allow your peers to see what you are experiencing.

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Filming for The Great British Story


Pretty Dresses

Last week I worked on a documentary-series called “The Great British Story” for BBC. It’s a documentary about the history of Britain, with different episodes making up the series. This was for episode 4. What an incredible experience. It was at The Castle monument here in Cape Town.

The Castle

All dressed up

The Great British Story

The Great British Story

The Great British Story

The Great British Story

The Great British Story

The Great British Story

The Great British Story