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Connecting To Your African Heritage This Black History Month

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The Most Famous African Proverbs

South African Ubulawu

South African traditional healers use “ubulawu” to open their intuition and dreaming and to increase their learning ability. It’s a medicianal herbal plant. Some species are also used for people who need to heal aspects of their minds, while laypeople use it for dreaming and to increase general health and energy. It is a wonderful tool for integrating the self. Thus, “ubulawu” can be said to be both a physical and psycho-spiritual healing medicine.

I recently published a piece written by a fellow South African + bona-fide traditional Phytoalchemist/Herbalist/Medicinal Plant Researcher. His name is Jean-Francois Sobiecki. He has his Honours in Ethno-Botany + his Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.

The piece is a fascinating look at a traditional herbal plant medicine called “Ubulawu” – made mostly from the roots but sometimes the stems or bark of particular subtle acting African psychoactive plants.



Herbs are a good way to reconnect to your African heritage because they are such an intrinsic part of traditional African rural life. Indigenous people of Southern Africa use herbs to cleanse the body + treat a variety of maladies. In using natural plant medicine, they also feel they cleanse the mind + open to ‘knowing’.

South Africa’s natural vegetation boasts an abundance of herbs and flowers which can be used for healing of all kinds.

The Cape Floral Kingdom is a UNESCO World Heritage Site covering only 78,000 square kilometres and featuring over 9,000 plant species!

Did you know that traditional healers remain the first port of call for the vast majority of South Africans? Up to 80% of the population currently choose accessible + affordable home-grown herbs + plants to treat a plethora of health issues.





Here are 5 of South Africa’s Top Performing Plant Healing Medicines.


+ Anti-inflammatory

+ Antiseptic

+ Treats high blood pressure, UTI infections, arthritis, gout and countless other ailments.

D E V I L ‘ S   C L A W

+ Treats pain

+ Enhances mobility

+ Provides relief from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, diabetes, neuralgia, headaches and menstrual problems

A F R I C A N   P O T A T O


+ Immune boosting

+ Effective in the battle against Cancer, TB, asthma, HIV Aids and a host of other chronic conditions.

S O U T H   A F R I C A N   G E R A N I U M


+ Antibacterial

+ Antiviral

+ Treatment of chronic respiratory tract infections such as bronchitis, sore throat, sinusitis, colds and flu.

A F R I C A N   G I N G E R

+ Treatment of coughs, colds, asthma, flu, candida and menstrual cramps

You can find these products at African Botanicals. Or, alternatively, Walmart has a lot in liquid form, such as Buchu here. Also, Nature’s Way has Devil’s Claw. This website sells African Potato in a cream format here.