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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, guys! I’ve spent the week running around. I’m working on some film projects for the tourism board and at the same time i’m working on shooting a profile of my family’s business Doubell Machines. I’ve been rolling my sleeves up, putting on my army boots and walking around the factory scaring all the men with my very intimidating tripod and Canon 5D MK II! I love a good productive week. This was also the week I got my awesome Lenovo laptop which I’m so excited about! It has a core i.5 processor, 6 GB RAM, 500 GB hardrive, 15″ screen and – best of all – it has Windows 8. If you have Windows 8, here are my top 6 suggestions for great apps to download from your store (nice ideas for your android or iphone, too)

+ Flipboard

This is a really great social magazine featuring the latest stories from any field that interests you. It collects the content of social media and other websites and presents it in magazine format and allows users to “flip” through their social-networking feeds. I love it because it gives me instant access at one click to the current news in everything – from the music industry to the film industry to world news to news from my favourite companies and brands (I follow national geographic). I definitely recommend this one.

+ Aviary

This is a really great photo editor which allows you to add effects and text to your images as well as a whole bunch of other editing tools.

+ Instagram Explorer

This is basically Instagram on a computer screen. It has an easy layout which allows you to access instagram on your computer and not just via your phone. But note that you can’t actually upload via this – it’s exclusively for viewing.

+ Ballstrike

This is a fun exercise app that gets you moving (think wii fit) If you have a webcam you can use this easily; it generates targets on your screen for you to hit, so you watch yourself punch and kick the air around you for hours on end. And it also tells you how many calories you’re burning, which is great!

+ Netflix

An online video-streaming app, Netflix allows you to watch any movie, show or TV series in the world by paying a simple flat-rate fee once a month.

+ TuneIn Radio

Tune In Radio allows you to listen to terrestrial and internet streaming radio stations from around the globe. This is great for me in Cape Town, where we have a subculture of these online radio stations popping up everywhere!

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The GoodHope FM Rev Life Fest

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I went to a rocking event recently…. It was the GoodHope FM  “Rev Life” Fest that was held at the Killarney Race Track here in Cape Town. I watched drag racing and “drifting” – all of which I had no idea had such a massive culture. It was absolutely pumping all day and in the heat I certainly got a good tan! In association with Good Hope FM, D1S and Southern Sun, it was the first time ever that Killarney Raceway and the Western Province Motor Club (WPMC) hosted the festival. South Africa’s premier drift exhibition team, “D1S”, set fire to Cape Town’s Killarney Raceway in a sequence featuring stunt bike rider Brian Capper. There was a lot of smoke, noise and cheering. It reminded me of when I was on the set of “DeathRace 3: Inferno”! The landmark event also featured South Africa’s top 32 Drifters, along with the best from Mozambique, who battled it out for top honours in one of the most epic Drift battles ever seen in Cape Town.


 It was something so different and completely thrilling. Thank you GoodHope FM!

Together with the drifting there was drag racing; Street2Strip style, an IASCA sound off, a Lifestyle arena, the Castrol mobile dyno, Miss RevLife competition and an on-track after party.


Invited guests included Boetie Budler (Budler Motorsport), Hannes Minnaar (Minnaar Racing Developments), Arthur ‘AJ’ Joubert (AJ Racing) and Steve Clark (No Sweat Racing) and they, too,  battled it out in their lightning–quick drag machines.


After the drifting we made our way over to the drag racing.

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Filming Algoa FM in Port Elizabeth for Skybok

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Algoa FM is the the biggest commercial radio station from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast on 94 to 97fm. What a delight it was to film its video profile for Skybok! We arrived at 11am to their studios here in Port Elizabeth at The Boardwalk. I love the place. It’s chic & fresh and it felt rejuvenating to walk through the station filming. We got to meet one of their most popular DJs, Lance Du Plessis, and what a fantastic guy! Easy-going and professional, he does a great job on air and has a successful reputation and a big following here in the Bay. Everything went very smoothly on the day…. we got Lance doing his show and also some really nice shots around the station. We didn’t get to shoot their boardroom as there was a meeting there on the day, but you can check out my blog post HERE for some snaps of it as well as some snaps I took around the station while we shot. In my opinion everyone working there is fun-loving and hard-working. I love the position of the station….The Boardwalk here in PE….it’a a very beautiful complex right on the beachfront. It must be a fantastic place to go to work every day! They also have a very cool website – check it out by clicking HERE.

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Recording at Algoa FM


Recently I recorded our radio ad for Doubell Machines & Equipment (my family’s business). We manufacture brick-making machinery. Check out our website here: You can listen to the advert here, now airing on the Eastern Cape’s Algoa FM: The ad was recorded at the very modern studios of Algoa FM here in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa! I was very impressed with the newly-renovated studios; the whole place has a very chic &  fresh feel.

One thing I can say is that everyone there is very friendly and professional, and working with them for this was easy! I do a lot of radio ads in Cape Town for them but had never actually been in to their studios here in PE at The Boardwalk. Algoa FM is The Biggest Commercial Radio Station from the Garden Route to the Wild Coast on 94 to 97fm. Here is their Facebook page: Taking a tour, I visited their boardroom. They have these gorgeous framed pictures of famous musicians on their walls and I especially loved these printed sheets of all the Algoa FM presenters under the glass of the boardroom table! Oh – I also thought the red couch was hot. I want one for my flat!