My visit to St Joseph’s Home for chronically ill children

Over the weekend I went with The Little Fighters Cancer Trust to St Joseph’s Home For Chronically Ill Children in Montana, Cape Town, to hand out shoes, hats, yoghurts, colouring books, crayons and juices to the sick babies of the home. The LFCT’s Facebook supporters donated just under 200 pairs of new shoes for children with Cancer as part of their “Barefoot for a Day Project”, which culminated in this delivery to the home’s “Daisy Ward”.


We also had close to 100 knitted and crocheted beanies to hand out, as part of another project LFCT is running, “The Knit One Slip One Project”. It was a very touching and emotional experience. I enjoyed every child and what blew me away was the sheer amount of love these children have to give. From the moment we walked into the ward, they were screaming with joy and running up to us to hug us and jump on us. It was very special fitting each child with a gorgeous new pair of shoes, as well as picking out for each a knitted beanie. Each child in the ward of 25 children received a few pairs of shoes and beanies, and we left extras to make sure they truly have enough for this winter! The children also loved the colouring  books and crayons, as well as the juices and yoghurts from Fair Cape Dairies. A huge thank you must go out to all the supporters of this organization, including individual supporters and corporate sponsors. It was a truly beautiful and fun-filled day for the Daisy Ward! To get involved, visit The Little Fighters Cancer Trust’s Facebook page.

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