Spotlight on Rose Gold Watches for Women

Trends come and go, but some styles never really become trends, preferring instead to shy away from the limelight while retaining a subtle but strong longevity. Rose gold watches are one such phenomenon. While diamond encrusted watch faces and delicate bracelet straps have all had their day in the sun, rose gold watches have always been intensely stylish but have seldom become wildly trendy. This means that only the most discerning watch consumers choose rose gold. Here are some reasons to choose rose gold the next time you purchase a watch.


Rose gold watches are appealing because of their femininity. No matter how rugged the design of a watch, the warm shades of a rose gold face or strap infuse it with a sweetness that’s tempered by an underlying toughness and durability.


Rose gold is an alloy that is created by mixing pure gold with copper, which produces its reddish tinge. Rose gold can match many other types of metals in strength and durability. As far as watches are concerned, the long-lasting nature of rose gold makes it a great choice for those who hope to be able to wear their watches for a long time to come.

Out of the ordinary

Most watch consumers choose yellow and white metals such as yellow gold or platinum. The sight of a beautifully crafted rose gold watch is as uncommon as it is arresting. Rose gold timepieces such as Shinola watches are, when infused with a modern and edgy design, a fantastic way to accessorize.

While it’s not every day that you see a rose gold watch on the wrist of the latest faceless celebrity, rose gold watches have never gone out of style and can be as elegant, as modern or as quirky as you might prefer.


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