Deepak Chopra + The Power of 2015!

Deepak Chopra

Reblogged from The Irish Times online, here’s something to look forward to this coming weekend:

Last year brought us the new phrase “conscious uncoupling”; now it’s time for “conscious business”.

The people behind this Friday’s Pendulum Summit in the Convention Centre Dublin are, according to their marketing bumpf, in “the business of conscious business”, which apparently means empowering people in every sector so they can “live the life they dreamed of”.

To some, self-help speak about empowerment, motivation and mindfulness is like nails on a blackboard, but for others, the promise of fulfilling their potential will have them signing up for the Pendulum Summit faster than they can say “New Year’s resolution”.

The organisers have attracted an impressive line-up of speakers who will, we are promised, “shower the audience with truth and inspiration”.

Among those doing the truth-showering will be top thought leader and New York Times best-seller Keith Ferrazzi, personal development and stress-management expert Jack Black, and professional adventurer and entrepreneur Debra Searle.

Home-grown speakers will include International Airlines Group chief executive Willie Walsh, Greencore’s Patrick Coveney, Dundalk native Una Fox who is vice-president of enterprise data technology at the Walt Disney Company, and much-loved Ballymaloe chef Darina Allen.

Even Taoiseach Enda Kenny will be in attendance, kicking off the event with an opening address. To top it all, Deepak Chopra, surely nulli secundus in the motivational guru game, will be making the keynote speech.

But anyone considering attending should beware – the promotional material contains the following caveat: “The Pendulum Summit is not for people who want an easy life; it is for people who want an exceptional life.”

And the event is not cheap, but then can you really put a price on self-fulfilment? It seems the people behind Pendulum can – entry comes with the somewhat de-motivating price tag of €425.

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