Why Texan Bars Are The Best

Mean-Eyed Cat Bar AustinI should really say Austin bars in particular. A few facts about Austin:

+ It’s official slogan is “Keep Austin Weird”

+ It’s the live music capital of the world

+ It’s got the biggest State Capitol in the US second to Washington

+ It’s got the only Formula One race track in the US

+ It’s got the 6th biggest football stadium in the US

+ Forbes rated it the 4th safest place to live in the US

Austin bars have a culture all on their own. They’re a mixture of beer, wood, johnny cash songs + neon bulbs. Their walls are decked with autographed posters, number plates, old records + weird objects (usually based around vintage music classics). If you’re from out of town, you’ll find good people ready to give you a history of Austin over a drink they buy you. 6th Street was my favourite street in Austin. It’s full of bars, tattoo parlors, cigar lounges, art houses, ale houses + museums. At night it comes alive, like a mini Mardis Gras.

South By Southwest is a huge music + film festival that happens in Austin every year in late March + everyone ends up in 6th street at night. Ironically, my favourite bar wasn’t along the famous “Dirty Sixth” but at 1621 W 5th St. The Mean-Eyed Cat is open Monday to Sunday from 11am-2am. The brisket sliders are to die for.  They’ll set you back about $10. A full rack of pork ribs will set you back around $30. Texas is known for its BBQ so I had to try it out!

Maybe my bias for Austin bars is due to the thick Southern accent you’ll find from locals mulling about. Maybe it’s the decor. Maybe it’s the awesome sliders. Who knows. Either way, let me assure you the cowboy hats against a backdrop of smokey Texan memorabilia in a husky wooden bar have a charm unmatched anywhere in the world. They’re quite simply a “must-do”!

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Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin Mean-Eyed Cat Bar Austin

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