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French Poodles

I miss this girl I stayed with in Texas! Her name is Gabriella + she is a Standard Poodle. Some fun facts about Poodles:

+ The name poodle comes from the German word ‘pudel’ which means to splash in water. The breed is believed to have originated in Germany.

All poodles, no matter what the size, are considered to be the same breed. The words toy, miniature and standard refer only to the size of the dog. The standard poodle is the oldest of the three, from which the other two were bred down.

+ Poodles were standardized in France, where they were bred as water retrievers and gun dogs. It is now the French national dog.

The poodle has probably been represented in art works more than any other dog. In fact, some people consider the poodle to be a piece of art and grooming them has reached new and creative heights these days, especially in America.

+ The poodle has a single coat that doesn’t appear to shed. In reality, it does shed but the hair gets tangled in the coat instead of falling off. The coat is a single one, unlike most dogs that have double coats. The fur is often referred to as hair.

+ The poodle does not have that characteristic doggy smell that other dogs have and are considered to be hypoallergenic. Whilst a few people may have an allergic reaction to them, this dog is the least likely to set off a reaction.

As far as intelligence goes, the poodle is rated second only to the border collie. This means they are easy to train, respond well to commands and housetrain quickly.

Poodles like to clown around and are full of bounce and energy. People who own them swear that their dogs have a sense of humor.

+ Despite their sophisticated looks, poodles love to be loved and are obedient, good with children and eager to please.

+ The grooming and distinctive cuts that poodles sport nowadays had a very practical purpose when they were used as working and retrieving dogs. The thick curly coat was shaved in certain places to help poodles swim better. Fur was left where it would protect their joints and internal organs and the ribbon on the top was for easier identification in the water.

+ Standard Poodles have been used with great success in a number of occupations, from police work to sheep herding, hospital therapy, circus performing and guiding the blind.

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  1. John says:

    Take them to water and they don’t need a second invitation.

    1. haha! too true! 🙂

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