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Essence Make-up Review

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I received an awesome hamper from Cosmetix South Africa recently, with some delicious products to review from the Essence beauty range. I’ve always enjoyed this range because it’s light and lets the skin breathe. I find the price is affordable for the target market it’s trying to attract. When I was studying, a lot of my student friends would stock up on Essence products + run through them by the end of the week. It’s great for that busy lifestyle of going out constantly and wanting an affordable range of day-to-day make up that makes you look great quickly. I personally found the blush very appealing. This shade was particularly attractive – it’s light so it looks natural while still giving your skin a rosy-pink feel.

Essence MakeUp Review Bloggers Cape Town Tamika Doubell South African Websites

The Products

+ Pure Skin Anti-Spot Mousse, matte sand (R69.95)

Pure Skin Compact Powder, beige (R57.95)

Pure Skin Cover Stick, sand (R38.95)

+ Soo Blush! Blush, everything is better in pink (R53.95)

Sponges (R38.95)

Pure Cover Stick

+ Anti-spot cover stick.

+ The tinted cover stick offers reliable help with red patches, blackheads and spots.

+ Dries out existing spots with its anti-bacterial formula.

+ The best way to hide irritating spots that won’t go away!

+ Available in 2 colours: Sand + Beige.

Pure Skin Mousse

+ The soft and creamy mousse texture is easy to apply smoothly and practically melts with your skin.

+ The special clearderm complex with active ingredients helps to to prevent the appearance of skin impurities.

+ Available in Matte Sand and Matte Beige. Matte Sand is darker.

+ The ideal make-up for young skin! The pure skin mousse make-up reliably conceals impurities of the skin and leaves your complexion looking flawless and matte without blocking the pores.

+ I suggest applying with the sponges as this helps create a smoother, more even, appearance.

Soo Blush! Cream To Powder Blush

+ Available in 2 colours: Sweet as a Peach + Everything is Better in Pink.

+ Gives your complexion a touch of colour for a healthy, fresh look.

+ Creamy texture with a powdery finish practically melts with your skin and is easy to apply and blend with your fingers or a sponge.

Pure Compact Powder

+ Available in 4 colours: beige, sand, nude, natural.

+  For a radiant, fresh and healthy complexion! The anti-bacterial compact powder mattifies and covers-up irregularities of the skin as well as redness.

+ The clearderm complex contains zinc to specially target spots and blackheads.

Essence MakeUp Review Bloggers Cape Town Tamika Doubell South African Websites

Essence MakeUp Review Bloggers Cape Town Tamika Doubell South African Websites

Essence MakeUp Review Bloggers Cape Town Tamika Doubell South African Websites

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