Eat San Sebastián: Atari

Above is the signature Gin & Tonic made with juniper berries at Atari tapas bar in San Sebastián, Spain!

See Atari’s website here:

They are famous for their creative Pinchos!

Juniper berries health benefits:

+ They eliminate excess water and are used as a mild diuretic

+ They help clear congestion and are often included in cold remedies to improve breathing

+ They improve digestion

+ They can be used as an astringent because of their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. These can be very beneficial in cleansing and toning the skin in cases of acne and other skin inflammations such as eczema

+ Juniper oil has a strengthening, tonic effect on the nerves. Its sedative action helps those who find sleeping difficult because of worries and tensions

Delicious pinchos (“Pintxos”) greet you at many restaurants. Red wine or Gin & Tonic are a popular drink!


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    I love learning about new ways to nourish my body and mind and this was a great i read along those lines 🙂

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