Spring Water at 8,000 ft

chlor oxygen hotel jerome

So when we arrived at Hotel Jerome, in Aspen, we were given this little green drink. It’s actually what they call “ChlorOxygen” – It helps metabolize oxygen in your blood so you don’t get altitude fatigue.

Bear in mind Aspen is 8,000ft above sea level, and the lack of oxygen does lead to altitude sickness in lots of people. It usually takes 3 days or so to adjust. The higher the altitude, the longer it takes to adjust. You can get ChlorOxygen concentrate on iHerb.com or in capsules at Whole Foods or online here. It tastes just like water. (But I still chased it with this mason jar of fresh Colorado spring water at “J-Bar”, which was a cute way of presenting it!)

water aspen hotel jerome bar

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