Sidewalk in Aspen


Me in Aspen. I’m standing outside The Wheeler Opera House + it’s adjoining bar “Justice Snow’s“.

The average temperature right now (October/November) is around 63 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s chilly. What struck me most was the smell of all the trees at 8,000ft above sea level. Pine trees, Ash trees, Conifer trees, Spruce trees, Cottonwood trees, Maple trees – so many kinds! There’s a magic to the space. The oxygen seems purer somehow, it makes you feel so alive. The crunch of the  leaves, the sight of the autumn colors, the beauty of the mountains capped with snow. Aspen is a beautifully designed place that embraces Mother Nature + it’s a very healing town if you allow yourself to enjoy all the senses that are being stimulated there.

Cucumber water + Basil Martini at Justice Snow’s
Justice Snow’s bar, a very Steampunk-inspired space

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