Mussels in the Mountains


There’s something very unusual about having mussels at 8,000 ft above sea level. And it was precisely this oddity  which made the dish all the more appealing to me!

Very different to eating mussels overlooking Cape Town harbor, like I’m used to! This delicious seafood plate was absolutely out of this world! The crunchy wood-fired bread with that prosecco-aji amarillo broth plus pickled peppers and garlic was the perfect addition to salty mussels straight from the ocean. Eating them in the cradle of mountain peaks, dotted with snow, touching the sky, really made this a bewitching moment worth writing about. After this meal at The Grey Lady, I headed over to have wine around the fire pit at The Ritz. They had just done a wedding so you can still see the white tent in the photo, just at the foot of the mountain.

Fire pit at The Ritz

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