Best Ghost Tours of America

Brown Palace, Denver

This blog is about my travels and all the magic moments therein, and every now and then I get to write about some magic haunted moments! (lucky you😀) Inspired by all things ghostly, one thing I absolutely love to do in each new city is a ghost walk. (Hint: Check out this ghost walk company). Naturally, I have great stories and recommendations for you.

Denver is no different. After reading this book series on haunted cities of America, I’ve been hooked on digging up haunted tales from wherever I go. In Denver, I found an epic tour downtown which ended at Union Station and gave me my fill on haunted hotels…including the most memorable, Brown Palace (more on that, later). I recommend you look for the book of your hometown in this series – especially if you have an interest in ghost stories and tales from the supernatural!

Top 10 Haunted Ghost Walk Tours in USA

  1. Savannah 
  2. New York
  3. San Fransisco
  4. New Orleans
  5. Virginia
  6. Seattle
  7. Florida
  8. Philadelphia
  9. Washington DC
  10. Las Vegas

Now, on Denver

In Denver, the spirits aren’t just penned to the city center. No, even the suburbs and outlying cities have the kind of history that could give quite a fright to the unsuspecting. Folks might be surprised to learn that a house in northwest Denver comes fully equipped with a basement theater–and spectral performers as well–and former phantom residents still roam their old homestead in what is now an Adams County open space.

The Brown Palace Hotel and Spa has been open since 1892. I loved it because of its history, its beauty, its glamour and its magnificent little bar called “Ship Tavern”(designed as the hull of a ship) Watch this video on it and you’ll fall in love with the hotel, too! Also – check out this article I wrote about my visit to the Molly Brown Museum (Margaret Brown was a famous survivor of The Titanic) which is similar to The Margaret Mitchell Museum in Atlanta (writer of Gone With The Wind).

Entrance to the Brown Palace
Chandelier at Christmas time
Original stained glass window
Paired with a wine list consistently recognized by Wine Spectator magazine as one of the world’s best, the cuisine at Palace Arms is sure to be worth your visit.
High Tea at Christmas Time
High Tea pastries
Juke box in the Beatles suite – yes, the Beatles stayed here and you can still see the holes where the iron gates were installed by the hotel in front of their room to keep fans out.



Napoleon’s pistols (yes, his actual guns) can be found hanging on the wall at The Palace Arms Restaurant within the hotel
Breakfast Room


The Coronet Room is the most historical in the hotel
Original Emblem
Coronet Room Explanation
Iconic “1 Mile Above Sea Level” sign on the stairwell
Church opposite Brown Palace
1 (4)
From the Molly Brown Museum

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