Brilliant Day Trips in Atlanta!

Inside the servants quarters at Smith Family Farm, beside “Swan House” in Atlanta. I connect with this room because I’m from South Africa and elements of it remind me of home
Gardens of The Swan House – beautiful landscaping ideas!

I went to Atlanta last year and never got to write about it on The Starlit Path. I can’t say enough about how much I loved the city.

One place that certainly constitues a magic moment was when at an old mansion called “The Swan House”… but it was also a farm, at one stage. In 1840. The Swan House is a bit younger than the farm, and it’s such a beautiful space that it was used as a film set for “The Hunger Games”. (not to take anything away from farm life that existed on that property about 100 years earlier!)

Constructed in 1928 at the end of the Jazz Age, the house missed the Depression by mere months. Swan House was the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward and Emily Inman. They built the house for entertaining.


The Atlanta Historical Society aquired the house in 1966 and has made the experience for visitors exceptionally interactive, with actors portraying the characters who once lived in this iconic home. It’s called Swan House because of the Swan motif found throughout the home.

  1. The house is an example of a classic 1928 mansion
  2. It was built at the end of the jazz age
  3. It was built by a noted architect, Philip T. Shutze, who designed Swan House and its gardens, as well as many other important buildings in the city of Atlanta
  4. It lies in Atlanta’s “Buckhead” neighbourhood
  5. It is part of the Atlanta History Centre
  6. It was a filming location for “The Hunger Games”
  7. Its original owners Edward and Emily Inman. The Inmans had accumulated wealth from cotton brokerage and investments on transportation, banking and real estate
  8. The house combines Renaissance revival styles with a Classical approach on the main facade
  9. Edward Inman died in 1931, but Emily collected her family into the house and lived there until 1965. The house and grounds were acquired by the Atlanta Historical Society in 1966. See the Atlanta History Center’s website at:
  10. Many of the furnishings are the Inmans’ original furnishings

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  2. Centennial Park
  3. CNN Headquarters

Servants Quarters
Servants Quarters

Adjoining the house is the family farm – the “Smith” family farm

A Rural plantation house built in the 1840s, with a smokehouse, slave gardens & costumed interpreters.

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