Feeling Marilyn at the Hollywood Roosevelt!

I’m relaxing beside the famous pool where Marilyn Monroe had her first official photoshoot!

The Hollywood Roosevelt is the most iconic hotel I can think of in LA. It’s history and its fame date back to when Marilyn Monroe stayed there as a resident for 2 years in her early career.I actually stayed in the suite named after her – the “Marilyn” Suite. It was a very cool retro inspired space!

I got into the mood on the private balcony, where I became lost imagining her walking around that space over 60 years ago.

5 Facts About The Hollywood Roosevelt

  1. It had its grand opening on May 15th, 1927, offering everything that would please people who were expecting perks and amenities due to their fame and social class.
  2. Many successful movie stars enjoyed staying here, including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable and Carol Lombard
  3. Marilyn Monroe was a resident guest for two years when her modeling career soared. Her first magazine photos were taken at The Roosevelt Hotel, pool-side.
  4. Montgomery Clift stayed in room 928 for three months in 1952, while filming the movie, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY. During his three month stay at the Roosevelt Hotel, Montgomery Clift was learning his lines successfully and practicing his trumpet skills for this hit film, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY; a role that he received an Academy Award Nomination for Best Actor
  5. By 1984, The Roosevelt Hotel had become a fixer-upper opportunity. Its owners stepped up to the plate, and spent a boatload of money, providing a 12 million dollar restoration/renovation face lift to this grand old Hollywood Dame of a hotel.

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It is described as a Spanish Colonial Revival styled Hollywood Boutique Hotel that rivals any of the upper scale hotels in Los Angeles. It is managed by Thompson Hotels.
Named after President Teddy Roosevelt, this twelve story luxury hotel was built for the rich and famous; the biggest and brightest Hollywood stars!
It was financed by successful movie stars; Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford, and movie mogul Louie B Mayer, among others.
This twelve story luxury hotel with 300 rooms and suites cost 2.5 million dollars, which was quite a chunk of change in 1927.
….Because of its connection to Marilyn Monroe, I decided to go check out her house. Next to Marilyn Monroe’s House in Brentwood
Marilyn Monroe’s House in Brentwood is very unique!
The Marilyn Suite has a private balcony with great views of the pools and palm trees (planted over 50 years ago)
Guests enjoying the pool
The view from The Marilyn Monroe Suite is stunning!
Guests of the hotel will appreciate its Spanish roots. Guests walk into a two story lobby, decorated in a rich Spanish style, featuring hand-painted beams.
Beverly Hills – an iconic photo about 20 minutes from the hotel

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  1. I was just there at the beginning of my firs trip in LA, it was absolutely stunning! I got some many good pictures and blog ideas from there!

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