A Visit To The World of Coke in Atlanta!

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Things I love This June:

So, back to the magic….

The World of Coke a museum, located in Atlanta, Georgia, showcasing the history of The Coca-Cola Company.

I took a trip there while in Atlanta, Georgia (also home to CNN). Here are 10 magical photos that will convince you that this is a fun activity for the whole family next time you find yourself in the area!

More about the attraction

  1. There’s a beverage lounge where you can test samples of coke products from every country around the world
  2. An annual pass is $34 for adults, $30 for seniors, $26 for kids and includes unlimited visits for 1 year
  3. There’s a pop culture gallery in the museum, showcasing posters and advertising campaigns from the start of the company
  4. Coca Cola invented Santa Claus. (seriously, his image as we know it today was a Coke campaign in the 1930s). Check this out if you don’t believe me
  5. There’s a 4D theatre in the venue
A big open lobby with sounds of a coke bottle opening, welcomes visitors
Colorful signage as you begin your tour is a great photo op
The lab of the inventor of coke has been re-created, including this bronze piece of John Pemberton
The secret formula of Coke is a closely guarded secret to this day
Quirky displays offer info on the history of Coke in creative ways as visitors wind their way through a tunnel-like tour
The end of the tour sees visitors get very close to the secret formula…..

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