How you can + can’t use the photos from this blog

Copyright + Non-copyright Photos on this blog

I love taking photos as part of my travel journal. I love sharing them with you. Please be advised that all the photos you see on this blog are copyright. That means they belong to me + by law you have to contact me if you want to use them somewhere.

You are welcome to use any of my copyrighted content (watermarked or otherwise) on a complimentary basis for test or sample (comp) use only. But it cannot be used in any final materials or any publicly available materials or commercial purposes. I charge a nominal fee if you are absolutely in love with one of my photos + want to use it like that 🙂 In such cases, we will usually correspond about it. It’s then understood that I would ‘release’ them to you with a standard license. Just like on any Stock photo website.

You’ll be happy to know I love photos as much as you + I enjoy the feeling of sharing stuff with people for free. (I know how hard it is to get good stock photos for free)


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