Imbeko Supports Basic Education


Support Basic Education with Imbeko today!

Proceeds from your purchase will go towards a learner at an Imbeko endorsed school in the township of South Africa.

Why a Remedial Math Box?

Hands-on techniques help engage a child and reinforce math topics on a deeper level.

It’s not uncommon for children who are struggling with math to be placed in remedial math programs.

Such programs are designed to help children master the basics and catch up to their classmates. Remedial math programs often offer a child more personal attention than he or she would receive in a larger classroom.

If a child hasn’t responded to traditional methods of math instruction used in school, remedial math may be the answer.


Remedial Math Box

Proceeds from your purchase will go towards a Remedial Math Box at a school endorsed by Imbeko in South Africa.

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