Top 5 Things To Do in LA!

There’s something about staying along the beach….and spoiling yourselves for your wedding anniversary! We took to a hotel in Santa Monica – Casa Del Mar – and it was beautiful.

Beauty tips

I must admit, I’m a fan of Estee Lauder. I use their products for everything. Everyone may use different products, but there are certain tips that are the same for every girl when applying make-up. Here are the things every girl should know when glamming up: Always wash your face and hands before you apply…

Photography Thesis

I’m currently helping a photography grad student at the school with his final thesis project …. portraits & body shots. Can’t wait to see the pictures when they’re done 🙂 We shot at a studio in SOHO, Manhattan, and I think we ended up shooting until midnight from being there in the afternoon! I did…

Raising Awareness For The Salvation Army

Over the weekend I judged a freeze flash mob at my hometown’s beautiful seaside entertainment complex, the Boardwalk. It was a flash mob as part of the Salvation Army’s anti-trafficking campaign to stop human trafficking.

My Madrid To-Do List!

1. The night-time flea market The Mercado de San Miguel. This sounds like heaven to me! I love flea markets… we have many similar markets like this here in Cape Town. This one sounds pretty fantastic. I like that it’s festive and full of local flavours and foods. It offers high quality products, pastries, tapas, a…