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Pairing Eye-Shadows Like A Pro

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Pairing Eye Shadows Like a Pro

I’ve never been a makeup expert. This changed a little when I got into the film industry 3 years ago. In such a space, us ladies always want to look our best!  I’ve needed to learn some basics. Here are a few tips I can pass on to you. One thing I find amazing is the difference a bit of eye shadow can make. It’s crazy how you can make your eyes pop with a colour. These guidelines are great for when in the professional arena or for when you dress up to go out on the town.

Brown eyes

+ Teals

+ Purples

+ Browns

+ Yellows

Any shade actually works with brown. Lucky you!

brown-eyes-blue-makeup2 brown-eyes-brown-makeup1 brown-eyes-green-makeup-022 brown-eyes-orange-makeup brown-eyes-purple-makeup-02 brown-eyes-silver-makeup1

Blue eyes

+ Blues

+ Silvers

+ Dark Greys / Ash (Smokey Eyes)

Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes Eye Make Up For Blue Eyes

Green eyes

+ Purples

+ Golds

+ Browns

+ Dark Greens

Eye Make Up For Green Eyes Eye Make Up For Green EyesEye Make Up For Green Eyes

Local make-up artists  for your next special event
Local make-up schools and training institutes

Here’s me trying something a little different during a shoot with Seagram Pearce in Cape Town!

Smokey Glitter Eye MakeupBlack Lace

Cover Photo: Death To The Stock Photo

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A Night of Fun at the G-Star RAW & FHM Parties

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I went to a couple of fun functions this past week. Two of them were on the same evening; the G-Star RAW launch & the FHM 2014 Calendar launch. G-Star RAW is a Dutch designer clothing company that, founded in 1955 by Oliver Lewis, produces urban clothing. Models for the brand include Liv Tyler, Girls’ Generation &World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen. Both events were great. See FHM South Africa’s Facebook page here. See G-Star RAW’s Facebook page here & and their online shop here. FHM saw a trendy crowd of young models & photographers enjoying the sunset & view of Table Mountain from the outside deck of The Office in Buitengracht street. At the G-Star RAW party I found the exhibition by Daniel Popper entitled “Robots” alongside exclusive denim art objects from G-Star’s Atelier in Amsterdam particularly intriguing. The night was complemented with a combination of live musical performances by AKA featuring DA L.E.S, Nakhane Toure and DJs Binary & Wildbeats. The event was hosted by Vivid Luxury which did a great job in creating what has been dubbed “the party of the summer”. Thank you to both of these hosts for a great evening. See the official G-Star RAW party album here.

G-Star RAW is known for innovating denim and exploring the endless possibilities of this product.

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A Super ERKE Sportswear Launch

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On Thursday evening I attended the launch of the new South African flagship store of sports brand “ERKE”. See their Facebook page here and their Twitter here. It opened to the public as of 12 Dec at 9 am on the ground floor of Cape Town’s trendy Garden Centre. I had a really good time, despite being a hot mess thanks to Cape Town’s infamous summer heat! Thank goodness for Cruz Vodka & Scheckter’s OrganicEnergy Drink cocktails which cooled me down a great deal! Along with Peroni South Africa, S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna waters & bubbly by Steenberg, everyone had reason to get loose with their festive spirits – and with their wallets, too! Liezel van Der Westhuizen gave a stunning welcome explaining a bit about the brand. Together with Marina Nestel, they made a cute pair dressed in ERKE sportswear! Thanks to The Little Black Book PR & Events for the wonderful evening. See the official album from the event here.

erke launch south africa

erke launch south africa

erke sportswear

erke sportswear

erke sportswear

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Planning the Perfect Kids Party: Top Tips and Advice

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It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, you’ll always be faced with a children’s party or two. As they head towards school age, the number of parties that they’ll be invited to will increase massively and, while you won’t be able to make all of them, it’s good practice to ensure your child can attend the parties of their close schoolmates to build on their friendships further.


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Highline Ballroom

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Another amazing nightclub I discovered this weekend was the “Highline Ballroom” in New York City at 431 W 16th Street. I went for “The Good Life Saturdays” and what a party it was! I absolutely loved it. I can highly recommend this for a great night out – the music was amazing.
20130714_011542-00120130714_011542-003 20130714_011542-0042DSCN0290

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Dermalogica Food + Wine Pairing

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Dermalogica is hosting an exciting food+ wine evening at Wembley Square! Each guest will receive a 20-minute face mapping, a DIY Dermalogica facial session, a Nitida wine + food pairing + a complimentary bDermalogica sample pack! More info on the poster below:


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Rotary West’s Medieval Festival

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Skybok recently covered events for Rotary PE West as part of their “Medieval Festival”. It’s a whole weekend of festivities themed around the Middle Ages and it’s hosted at Victoria Park in Port Elizabeth. Their “Royal Banquet” is on a Friday night where everyone arrives dressed up in costumes from the Middle Ages. There’s a dinner and lots of entertainment. During the Saturday, they host an entire day filled with arts, crafts and activities that people during those times used to play! Together with my brother, I filmed and photographed these events for them. I spent about two days editing and adding music and I am so excited about the final result! It was such a festive evening and day and we managed to capture the spirit and ambiance into two easy 2 minute video profiles. See both videos below. To watch in the best quality be sure to change the viewing settings to 1080 p HD (click on the cog in the toolbar at the bottom of the video as it plays). If you are in South Africa and would like to get in touch with us to film your business or event, see our facebook page here. We also have our twitter here, our YouTube Channel here and our website here.

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How to Plan a Birthday



I’ve found I’ve been asked to help out with the planning of a lot of stuff lately. Something I realized was that most people are terrified when they hear the word “party” or “birthday” because they know that this means they  have to throw something. Let’s breathe! From my experience, our fears of what our guests expect on our big day are way disproportional to their actual expectations.

So here are my pointers / rules:

1. Start Early. It’s horrible running around days before the party. Make sure you begin your planning about 3 weeks in advance.

2. Don’t Just Use Facebook. Use text also. Believe it or not, not everyone bothers to check their event invites on Facebook and it would be really terrible if you are missing guests because you presume they know about the party. I suggest texting and e-mailing if you have their e-mail addresses.

3. Always over-invite. You’ll be surprised at people’s priorities. They don’t all stick to their commitments  So make sure you add an extra five or so people to the list in case ‘life’ just ‘happens’ to some. It would be a shame to let all that good food go to waste  – or worse, if you planned seating, to have empty seats.

4. Plan on a colour scheme. If you don’t have a specific theme that can guide your decorating, try a nice colour. Colours are great and can provide a nice base for decorating the venue! It depends on what the event is and how personal you want to get, but you can use your colour scheme to guide you when buying plastic cups, plates, bowls, ribbons, banners, balloons, invites and even the clothes if you want people to get into the festive spirit. 

5. Arrange for music. Music is a really good ice-breaker and adds ambiance to the environment. Make sure you have some kind of stereo system set up, or even just a plain CD player. You can make a CD of music according to your crowd. It depends what kind of event it is, but jazz is always a great backdrop if you are having a dinner party. An alternative to music systems would be to get a live musician – a singer with a guitar is a great idea.


6. Always over-cater. Try get a nice catering company if it’s a big event. Even if it’s a small one, I recommend you use a local caterer to make the food.  Unless it’s a dinner party where you are cooking yourself. Caterers are good with providing a lot of variety and you can use their experience to give you an idea for numbers. Catered food always looks professional, it’s fresh and if you get platters (savoury platters are always a hit), it arrives an hour before the party and there’s no fuss or cleaning up for you. In my experience, people eat more than you think!! You can also always take left overs home to enjoy over the following week.

7. Get wine and champagne. Again, it depends on the kind of event you are having, but (if it’s for adults) a must-have booze is red and white wine and a bottle or two of good champagne. You can also make punch – a great recipe for Sangria punch is HERE. A nice one for a Bloody Mary punch is HERE. Beer is also good if you know your crowd likes beer, as are basic ciders. But make sure you always have a non-alcoholic option like a soda or juice. There’s nothing more awkward than being the guest at a party which hasn’t catered for you. Another option if you’re having something more relaxed, is to tell your guests to bring their own booze. It’s up to you. This works nicely as they know what they like to drink. Most do anyway.

8. Balloons are nice! Okay, so what is a real party without balloons? Try and get 2 bunches of five balloons at least to fill up the room (hey, if you’re gonna do this, you may as well do it right hey?) 🙂

9. Give your guests a TIME. One of the worst things in my experience is to not know when to leave. Don’t put your guests in that position and give them a legit time to leave. Make it run for like 4 hours and then let them know via the invite your times (e.g. 7pm-11pm). This lets them know that it’s okay for them to say goodbye at a certain time viz. you won’t hold it against them. This time ‘says’ that there’s a designated time they can walk up to you and say: “Thanks so much for the great night, I’m going.” You can all smile and hug and say goodbye and everyone will be much more comfortable and happy. You can end on a high! Don’t let your party drag on. Besides your guests, this rule is for you; so you can feel that you’ve done your job and it’s finished. It will also force the stragglers who do like to hang around eating and drinking you out of house and home to leave!

10. Send out thank you’s for your presents. This is a huge rule for me that’s close to my heart because I know what it’s like when you have gone out of your way to buy and wrap a gift for someone with lots of love and thought put into it, and they don’t say thank you. I have had this more time than I care to remember; birthdays, anniversaries, stork parties, weddings – why do people do this? For me it’s the first thing I do when I open my gifts the next day. I write down a list of every gift I’ve received and who it is from. I then make it my personal mission to e-mail, facebook message or text them to say thank you. And I make it personal. I say; “Thank you for the soaps or for the perfume.” I personalize it to what they actually got me. This goes down very well and it makes then think fondly of you an remember the party with kind memories. 

Hope these help and that the event you are planning is unforgettable! 


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A Few Cape Town Summer Events


Recently I attended some really cool events…The Sunglass Hut “Out The Box” Party at the V&A Waterfront was one. To launch their latest venture with a bang, “Out the Box” (or #SunglassHutOTB as it has been hashtagged) set up a huge marquee at the waterfront and equipped it with lights, cameras, (lots of champagne) and action! MC Janez Vermeiren from Top Billing held the evening together and introduced renowned South African musician Toya DeLazy who performed for us. The pop-up-store then unveiled the latest collection to be released in 2013. I was soo chuffed with my R1000 vouchers to spend at Sunglass Hut. It was in joburg at Melrose Arch a few nights prior to that and from what I hear it was also quite spectacular. Thank you Sunglass Hut for an awesome event. You can visit their website at



Toya DeLazy


with ex-Miss South Africa, Cindy Nell
with Clayton Morar


I then went to The GoodHope FM’s Summer Launch Party at The Cullinan Hotel in association with Tsogo Sun and The Next 48 Hours, which was fantastic! There were drinks and snacks going around. There was a stellar performance by a Cape Town singer Lucy Tops, singing an Adele hit – she was very good. You should like her page HERE and support local talent 🙂

The Cullinan Hotel



Finally, as you know, GAGA was in town! For those who didn’t, what town are you living in?! The Next 48 Hours was awesome enough to organize an exclusive boat cruise around Table Bay before the concert. There was champagne – a lot of it (surprise I didn’t fall overboard) and yummy snacks. Here is a gallery of the snaps from the cruise… you can view the official photos HERE.

I’ve also included youtube videos of Gaga at the concert!

Enjjjooooyyyy and don’t forget to PUT YOUR PAWS UP!!



Naushad, Editor of 'The Next 48 Hours' Publication and Jen Su, TV News Anchor and Corporate MC
with Naushad, Editor of ‘The Next 48 Hours’ Publication and Jen Su, TV News Anchor and Corporate MC
Lady Gaga Cruise
with Jen Su