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Do Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?


Do gentlemen prefer blondes?

I dyed my hair brunette for a temporary change a few months ago. It was fun and interesting to see how people acted with me after. It led me to do some research on men’s attraction to different hair colours and why. I found an awesome article on Apparently in a recent article published in the “Scandinavian Journal of Psychology”, Viren Swami and Seishin Barrett conducted two studies in the greater London area. Studies 1 and 2 consisted of 120 and 126 male participants respectively.

The study

1. To determine whether the same woman would be approached by men at one of three nightclubs as a function of whether she was a brunette, blonde or redhead (her hair was manipulated with dye).

2. To gauge whether photos of the same woman sporting the the three hair colors would yield different evaluations by men along the following ten traits: physical attractiveness, sexual promiscuity, intelligence, introversion, neuroticism, approachability, competency, arrogance, neediness and temperamentality.

The findings

Brunette: Scored higher than the two other hair colors on physical attraction, intelligence, competence and arrogance. Scored higher than the redhead on approachability.

Blonde: Scored highest on approachability than the two other hair colors, as well as highest on neediness.

Redhead: Scored higher than the two other hair colors on temperamentality and lowest on approachability. This seems to be a manifestation of the “fiery redhead” stereotype.

There were no differences in the findings on impressions of sexual promiscuity, introversion, and neuroticism.

The bottom line

It would appear that blonde women are approached more frequently in a nightclub but are generally judged more harshly along a wide range of traits. This could explain the lower score than the brunette on physical attraction in the photo. It’s logical men subconsciously take into account these traits when making a first impression. Hair colour preference is likely driven by individual idiosyncrasies as well cross-cultural differences (i.e. this is a preference that is rooted in evolutionary principles; that lighter hair is associated with youthfulness, a trait universally fancied by men).

How interesting!


Where South Africans Should Spend NYE 2014

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New Year 2014

If you’ve just seen the New Year in in style and are having withdrawal symptoms already, then check out some of my top picks for South Africans for New Year’s Eve … 2014!

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, South Africa

The V&A is host to some of the most exciting celebrations in the country, with its annual show legendary across the nation. Last year’s NYE party (it still feels strange saying that!) officially kicked off at 18:00, with the Pants on Fire comedy performance.

The waterfront and stage alike is always buzzing with entertainers all night, and you’ll have plenty of opportunity to pick up drinks and food from the nearby restaurants and bars. Make sure you get a good spot for the fantastic fireworks show, which takes place at midnight.

Nieu Bethesda, South Africa

Nieu Bethesda’s annual Festival of Lights offers a unique way to wave goodbye to 2014. People parade through the village with lanterns – which you can make at a Bethesda Arts Centre workshop beforehand – and then gather to enjoy dancing beneath the stars to a live band.

Sydney, Australia                                           

Sydney’s New Year’s Eve party is renowned around the world, so why not be part of the celebrations? South African Airways offers direct flights to the city from Johannesburg, and Travelex offers great deals when converting rand into Australian dollars – check out the exchange rate here.

The Sydney NYE party is jam-packed with entertainment you don’t want to miss out on, such as aerial acrobatics performances and an Aboriginal smoking ceremony show, but the highlights are the Harbour of Light Parade and iconic midnight fireworks, which illuminate the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

New York City, USA

Celebrating the strike of midnight seven hours later than South Africa is New York City, where you can see the famous New Year’s Eve Ball descend from Times Square. There’s world-class entertainment, a jubilant countdown and the obligatory fireworks show too.

Plenty of bars, restaurants and clubs around the bustling square will be hosting NYE celebrations of their own, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to an after-party. Keep an eye out here for just some of the options and start planning the ultimate NYE!

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Stefania Morland 8th Birthday & Online Store Launch

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Recently I attended the 8th birthday bash & launch of Stefania Morland’s online store in Cape Town, South Africa. The swanky affair took place in Kloof Street & welcomed a chic, cosmopolitan crowd. I had a super time looking through all her designs and found this gold number (photo below) to be particularly appealing! If you live in Cape Town, do your shopping in person at her design studio & retail store front – 153A Kloof Street, Gardens. If you’re shopping online, find her stuff at the new online shop here. You can also join her & her team on Twitter or Facebook . Thanks to all who were involved in this evening, I had a great time!


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South African In: London

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South African In: London

I’ll never forget when I went to London in 2012 to compete in Top Model UK. What an exciting time in one of the best cities of the world! I was there for a few weeks for the show and stayed in the Hilton Hotel, London Metropole. During my free time, I made sure I dressed warm because it was the middle of winter and it was so chilly outside!


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Recent Work


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I’ve been pretty busy lately.  I’ve had a lot of photoshoots modelling wise and have been learning a lot. I’m working on my acting showreel and will be starting work on a project as part of Skybok filming and editing for Yokhuselo Haven for Abused Women who is hosting a big function in honour of their 25th anniversary this month. I’m presenting in a new Industrial series for my family’s company Doubell Machines and I’m soon making the move to Johannesburg but will be making a trip to Cape Town Nov 1 for the summer season there. The word on my lips is COMMUTE! I’ll be doing a lot of that in the time to come. Good thing I just bought a new cabin bag 😉 Acting-wise, there’s usually a great deal of castings and auditions up in Cape Town during these next 2 months of the year, so I’m excited for that. In the midst of all this, I’ve discovered a coffee shop in Port Elizabeth called La Boca. When I went the other day I had a pot of Rooibos tea (a true South African product) and an amazing cheese platter. Thank Goodness I had my laptop with me, as The Mail & Guardian contacted me for some photos of Grahamstown’s nightlife which I happened to have a lot of seeing as Skybok Profiles filmed many of their clubs last year! Watch one of our profiles of their biggest nightclub below. I did the editing and voice work and my brother did the filming. Shot on a CANON 5D MK 2 with a 50mm fixed focus lens and a 20mm wide angle lens.

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On The Streets of Lisbon

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So I was very stoked to hear that “The Starlit Path” was selected by Travel Start SA as one of the most underrated travel blogs of last month 🙂 I am personally a huge fan of , so I was absolutely delighted when I heard this news!

What’s also really exciting is that they’re currently running a competition for travel bloggers for 2 free flight tickets! Using only 300-1000 words to tell a story about a personal travel experience, here is my entry:


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VIVA South Africa! Another night out in New York

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So again we hit the clubs this weekend (I promise I am actually here doing a course and not just going out :P) ……. We went to Hudson Terrace again because one of my classmates Katie had her boyfriend visiting from Baltimore. Again, thank you Catherine for getting us in free (usually entry to this club is $20) and for MJ Perez for the table and complimentary alcohol. Also a huge thanks to Reflections NYC Photography for the great pictures. This time I took my South African flag with me to spice things up and let me say it was a hit! I was surprised at how many people came up to me and asked about Mandela. I was very impressed. The outfit I wore is entirely from H&M (we don’t have it in SA, what’s up with that?!). I had such a great night out and found myself dancing on a table before long.

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Highline Ballroom

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Another amazing nightclub I discovered this weekend was the “Highline Ballroom” in New York City at 431 W 16th Street. I went for “The Good Life Saturdays” and what a party it was! I absolutely loved it. I can highly recommend this for a great night out – the music was amazing.
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