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South African In: London

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South African In: London

I’ll never forget when I went to London in 2012 to compete in Top Model UK. What an exciting time in one of the best cities of the world! I was there for a few weeks for the show and stayed in the Hilton Hotel, London Metropole. During my free time, I made sure I dressed warm because it was the middle of winter and it was so chilly outside!

Despite the weather, I made sure I got out & experienced some of the most famous of London’s sights… needless to say, I fell in love with the city. Things I enjoyed included Hyde Park, Harrod’s, Buckingham palace, a cruise along the River Thames, the Liberty Building, Carnaby Street, the exact building where Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin and – of course – a typical London nightclub! I went to a themed party one night in the West End where I wore devil horns & a bow-tie. What fun! Another highlight during my free time away from the show, was visiting Marble arch and checking out the world-famous Hamley’s Toy Store. Awesome. On my last day I had a coffee in Hyde Park overlooking the beautiful lake and I knew it would be a moment I would never forget. What a city to add to my list of travel experiences.

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