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10 Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend This Christmas

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What To Buy Your Girlfriend This ChristmasThe Christmas season is here again. It’s my favourite time of year! It’s the season of giving + sharing. Sometimes it’s difficult to shop for your girlfriend, especially if you’re the type that doesn’t know how to shop for women. So this one’s for my male readers… here’s a few ideas you can use to make your girlfriend happy this Christmas!

1. Chocolate hamper

Make a hamper of her favourite chocolates. This can be accompanied with a cute Christmas card. Ladies love cute gestures like this. If they know you handpicked + made the hamper yourself, even better.

2. Flowers + perfume

You can accompany the flowers with a nice perfume. If she’s a lover of perfumes, you can get her designer drugstore perfumes that aren’t too expensive.

3. Romantic dinner date

You can surprise her by making dinner reservations at a nice restaurant. If you want the icing on the cake, you can arrange for a dress to be delivered to her for the dinner date. Don’t tell her where you are taking her to. Let her just enjoy the evening. She would love this!

4. Trip to the Calabar Carnival

The Calabar Carnival takes place every year, around the Christmas season. The hotels are always booked close to December so it’s best to book weeks before to make sure your accommodation is set for you.

5. Gift set of personal grooming products

Bath wash, soaps, body sprays + lotions; various cosmetic companies package these as gift baskets.

6. A nice wrist watch

A nice wrist watch can never go wrong. No one can ever have too many wrist watches. Get her a nice wrist watch and surprise her over drinks. She would love that.

7. Jewellery

This is simple but classy. You can get her a nice necklace or a nice pair of earrings. Invite her over for a home cooked meal (cooked by you) + surprise her with a lovely necklace.

8. Hotel getaway

This is a perfect gift if you want to spoil her this Christmas. Give her a treat by taking her to a nice hotel to cool off from the stress of the year. It could be a weekend or even one night.

9. Tickets to a concert

If she loves music and one of her favourite musicians is performing at a concert, this could be a great Christmas gift.

10. A portrait of her

I bet that she would love you forever if you gave her a painting of herself!

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South African In: London

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South African In: London

I’ll never forget when I went to London in 2012 to compete in Top Model UK. What an exciting time in one of the best cities of the world! I was there for a few weeks for the show and stayed in the Hilton Hotel, London Metropole. During my free time, I made sure I dressed warm because it was the middle of winter and it was so chilly outside!


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Prices in New York

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People have been asking me how expensive it is here in New York. I’ve taken the liberty to snap shots around the shopping isles in supermarkets and general stores here, to show you the prices we are talking! For my South African readers, the exchange rate right now is that R10 will get you 1 Dollar. So working on this, here are some interesting prices I noted:

  • A small bottle of water here is around $1.99 which equates to R19.60
  • Rice Krispies = $4.99 = R49.14
  • Pringles = $2.99 = R29.44
  • Toblerone (original) = $3.49 = R34.37
  • A slab of Herschey’s = $2.79 = R27.47
  • Marie Claire = $4.19 = R41.26
  • Women’s Health = $5.29 = R52.09
  • 2L milk = $2.59 = R25.50
  • Loaf of bread = $3.99 = R39.29
  • Packet of Lays (small) = $1.49 = R14.67
  • 6 Pack of beer = between $11.99 and $13.99 = between R118.07 and R137.76
  • 500g mince = $3.98 = R39.19
  • 500g pork = $4.29 = R42.24
  • 200g beef round steak = $2.10 = R20.68
  • 500g beef steak bone-in = $12.59 = R123.97
  • Bottle of Bacardi Rum = $18.99 = R186.99
  • Bottle of Malibu = $22.99 = R226.38
  • Bottle of Absolut Vodka = $26.99 = R265.77
  • Bunch of flowers = $25 = R246.17
  • OK! Gossip magazine = $3.99 = R39.29
  • In Touch Gossip magazine = $2.99 = R29.44
  • Slice of pizza = roughly around $2.75 = R27.08. But there are places in some parts of the city where a slice will be around $1 = R9.85
  • Take-away coffee = around $1.75 = R17.23. But you can get a hot coffee for $1 at a vendor on the street = R9.85
  • Can of coke = $1.50 = R14.77 
  • 500ml Coke = $2.19 = R21.56
  • Nectarine = $2.99 = R29.44
  • Apple = $1.99 = R19.60
  • Banana = $1.29 = R12.70
  • Watermelon = $5.91 = R58.20
  • Metro (subway) ticket = $2.50 = R24.62

Out at the clubs, a glass of white wine can be around $9 which is R88.62! Drinks like vodka cranberry are $7 which is R68.93! The other night I ordered a Malibu and Coke which came to $13 which is R128.01!! Never in my life would I have imagined paying R130 for a Malibu and Coke. I must say, the restaurants and bars here do have drinks specials daily. Nearly every single licensed restaurant and bar will have a “Happy Hour” every day between 5pm and 6pm which offers drinks specials for cocktails. Cocktails are usually anywhere from $9 – $11 (R88.62 – R108.32), and during Happy Hour they become roughly $5 (R50). Cocktails this includes are ones like Frozen Margaritas, Sangria’s, Bloody Mary’s and classic Mojito’s. The most expensive I have seen for cocktails was at a rooftop bar I went to the other night called “Press Lounge” as part of 48 Ink Hotel on 48th and 11th avenue. Cocktails were $16. That is R157.50 per cocktail! What I must say is cheap, is clothing at “H&M“. Beautiful easy sun dresses are $13 which is R128! If I think in Cape Town in popular and trendy boutiques that me and my friends like to get sexy cute clothes at, such as “The Lot” or “Wardrobe” or “Traffic Clothing”, the T-shirts and blouses alone can easily start at R250. Nevermind shorts or blazers or dresses! Whereas at H&M, a beautiful patterned blouse can be only $14.95 which is R147.21. And a nice sexy pair of denim shorts is around R196.45 ($19.95). I better get shopping!