Staying in an Aristocrat’s Palace in Poland

In Poland’s ‘Old Town’, leading away from the market square, is The Grand Hotel – tucked away on a cobblestone street. When it first opened, it was the most luxurious hotel in town. I write about its 65 antique-filled rooms as I notice how many Polish films and series are making an appearance on American streaming services, and reflect on this specific hotel’s majesty and beauty. After all – it was once home to a Polish aristocrat! Enjoy.

Nature For Healing

The Most Famous African Proverbs South African Ubulawu South African traditional healers use “ubulawu” to open their intuition and dreaming and to increase their learning ability. It’s a medicianal herbal plant. Some species are also used for people who need to heal aspects of their minds, while laypeople use it for dreaming and to increase…