Staying in an Aristocrat’s Palace in Poland

Polish folk dancers dressed for a festival

So many good series coming out of Poland this month! Did you notice?

Read ScreenDaily’s article about it here. Netflix ordered 18 new Polish titles – and I have one or two favorites from the list!

  • Cracow Monsters (directed by Olga Chajdas + Kasia Adamik)
  • Broad Peak (directed by Leszek Dawid)
  • Delivery by Christmas (directed by Aleksandra Kułakowska, Maciej Prykowski)
  • Freestyle (directed by Maciej Bochniak, starring Maciej Musiałowski)
  • HELLHOLE (directed by Bartosz M. Kowalski)
  • Mother’s Day (directed by Mateusz Rakowicz, starring agnieszka Grochowska)
  • Mr. Car & The Knights Templar (directed by Antoni Nykowski)
  • Night In The Kindergarten (directed by Rafał Skalski, starring Matylda damięcka, Lena Góra, Aleksandra Domańska)
  • Tonight You Are Sleeping With Me (directed by Robert Wichrowski)
  • The Hive (directed by Mateusz Rakowicz)

I visited Kraków myself in 2019 on my way to see Auschwitz. I stayed at The Grand Hotel. It dates back to the 1800s! If you love old hotels like I do, you definitely have to read this article by The Telegraph on The Grand Hotel. Follow it on instagram here:

Wawel Royal Castle
The Cathedral inside Wawel Castle

Fun Facts About The Grand Hotel in Krakow:

  1. Wawel Castle is within a 10-minute walk: it was the first UNESCO World Heritage site in the world
  2. The Grand Hotel used to be the private home of the Czartoryski family – Polish aristocrats, whose family still exist today!
  3. Prince Adam Karol Czartoryski who is 82 this year, is a Polish and Spanish aristocrat who is head of the Polish House of Czartoryski. He is related to both the Spanish royal family (House of Borbón-Anjou) and to France’s House of Orléans.
  4. In 2016, Prince Czartoryski sold the family art collection held in the Czartoryski Museum to the Polish state for approximately €100 million.
  5. The Grand Hotel is home to one of the city’s most beautiful banqueting rooms – the octagonal shaped “Mirror Hall”.
Lady with ermine by Leonardo da Vinci, the most famous of the works in the Czartoryski Collection

My Photos Around The Hotel From My Stay

Selfie at the entrance to the hotel

The Telegraph’s Photos of The Grand Hotel – one of the most historic hotels in the world

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