Austin, USA

Photo: South Congress Grackles, Austin

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Austin birds

Taken downtown Austin!

There are a lot of grackles (the “great tailed grackle” and known by some as “the devil bird”). Grackles are a “colonizing” bird and gather in large flocks. They have been migrating north and west from south Texas and Mexico.


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Green Pledge for Doubell Machines

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Currently I am spearheading the launch of a brand new initiative at Doubell Machines as part of “Going Green”. This is something that I’m really excited about as the environment is something I care deeply about. As a manufacturing business, we release a lot of carbon when we make the machines. This is bad for the environment. To reduce our carbon footprint, for every ten Jumbos we sell we are adopting a penguin from SAMREC. SAMREC is an organisation dedicated to the rehabilitation of African penguins. They have a beautiful facility in Port Elizabeth located in the Cape Recife Nature Reserve.