The Zanethemba Charity Foundation Hosts a Fashion Show

I went to a fantastic event recently here in Port Elizabeth; a fashion show put on by Maritime Motors in aid of the Zanethemba Charity Foundation. It was held at Father’s House Church in Stanley Street here in P.E., and the best part of it was catching up with my two very good friends Duncan and Simba. What a marvelous function. Simba Mhere – Top Billing Presenter – was the MC for the evening and he did a great job!

I loved how they decorated the space for the show. A long ramp surrounded by beautifully decorated tables – a centrepiece which included pink roses and white pearls. “His Father’s Church” outdid themselves on this event. They had a heart-warming video that they played on a big screen in between the modelling of the clothes. It was about Zanethemba and the work that gets done there. The presentation was by Adhoc Productions and it was very moving! Afterwards we all had drinks at the Radisson Blu on the beachfront. I always enjoy events like this – they are good events run by good people for good causes. Zanethemba is one such cause. Zanethemba means ‘to bring hope’ (in Xhosa). Through Christian faith they want to bring hope, love and perspective into the lives of people that live in desperate situations. By means of offering practical help, their desire is to show children and adults that they are loved and wanted by their Heavenly Father. The Zanethemba Charity Foundation was founded in March 2008, by Father’s House Family Church ( All the church’s social outreach projects fall under the Zanethemba Charity Foundation. As a Christian myself, I am especially moved by the church’s initiative and how much it has helped the lives of so many.

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  1. Its was a lovely show, filled with the latest P.E has to offer on one ramp in one night and what a privilege meeting both You and Simba.

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