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South Africa’s New Animated Feature Film To Hit Cinemas This December!

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South Africa’s answer to Madagascar 3? The new “Adventures in Zambezia” – South Africa’s latest full-length animated feature film. Hot on the tail of previous animated films to come out of the country, namely “Lion of Judah” (2011) and “Jock of the Bushveld” (2010), it’s set to release in SA in Summer 2012. Cape-Town based Triggerfish Studios gives Dreamworks a run for its money with this touching African-inspired story about a young falcon leaving home to make a life for himself in ‘Bird City’.

Frustrated with his isolated upbringing, a young falcon journeys to the bird city of Zambezia, leaving his home and father to make a life for himself. He soon discovers, however, that living in a community can be more difficult than surviving in the wild and it is only when the city comes under threat that he comes to understand that the only life worth living is a life lived through others.


It sounds like a really nice story and I must say, I’m loving the film’s website! Check it out here: With well-known voices for characters in the movie, including the voice of:

Samuel L.Jackson

Jeff Goldblum

Abigail Breslin

and Leonard Nimoy

……. This movie is definitely on my summer must-see list!

A chirpy young falcon called Kai looks set to take South African animated film to new heights.

He’s the star of Adventures in Zambezia that has lifted the prize for Best South African Feature Film at the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF).

In the movie, created by Cape Town’s Triggerfish Animation Studios, Kai leaves the nest to make a life for himself in the bustling bird metropolis of Zambezia.

– Channel24

For an interview with Stuart Forrest, the man behind Africa’s largest animation studio, click here.”Adventures in Zambezia” is among the first of South Africa’s full-length animated feature films and I, for one, look forward to many more! Here is the trailer:

And here are some more articles on this much-anticipated film:,62167,en.html


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