My Cooking Debut At The Cape Town Good Food + Wine Show!

This weekend I gave a fun demonstration at Cape Town’s “Good Food & Wine show” with 48 Hours TV. It was held at the Cape Town Convention Centre. Let me tell you, it was something else cooking in front of a live audience! The worst part was at the end when the audience gave me a mark out of ten, yikes!


Thank goodness I scored an 8/10, else I wouldn’t have been able to show my face in public again 🙂  The show ran in Cape Town from the 23 – 26 May and it hits Durban from the 8 – 11 August and Johannesburg between 21 – 24 September.  Gordon Ramsay was here! Along with other celebrity chefs including Eric LanlardBill Granger and James Martin amongst others. I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s show. It may have even been better than last year’s .. although last year they did have the Pillsbury man walking around which made my night and this year he was nowhere to be seen! See my article on last year’s here and you decide 🙂

The 2013 Good Food & Wine Show is guaranteed to inspire and delight you beyond your wildest foodie dreams.

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