Dream Workspace with WeWork New York

As part of the WeWork “Show Us Your Dream Space” campaign, I was asked to share a picture of my current workspace. Here in South Africa, we have sun practically all year round. This helps create that warm mood I love about mine!

WeWork Dream Space  Rolltop Desk

WeWork builds communities that empower small businesses and entrepreneurs to do what they love. They’re all about building innovative and creative workspaces around the US. Check out their presence in New York. Have a look at their other locations around the US here.

As you can see, I love rich wood and fresh air. I’m very neat and organised. I work on my laptop. My cellphone and black leather notebook are always near. My crayons are there as a splash of colour for my creative branstorming sessions.

Apart from the sunshine, I love my bonsai tree. These exquisite miniature trees are from the Japanese culture. The purposes of bonsai are to encourage thoughtful contemplation. Sometimes when the day gets too hectic in front of my screen, I look up. I’m reminded to take it easy and tap into my inner “zen”!

I’m also inspired by my collection of books. These are books I’m currently reading. Among them are “Mandela’s Way: Lessons on Life, Love, and Courage” by Richard Stengel. Living in the heart of Mandela’s homeland, this was top of my list this month.

I can also recommend “The Power of Intention” by Wayne Dyer and “Switch on Your Brain” by Dr Caroline Leaf who is a Cognitive Neuroscientist with a show on TBN (and guess what, she’s from South Africa!)

If I could add anything to my space, it would probably be a small side table to the right of my rolltop desk. I would put a Nespresso machine on it, for sure!

WeWork Dream Space Rolltop Desk

We like to think of ourselves as a company that promotes co-working through shared office space. As a company, WeWork buys out office spaces and transforms buildings into beautiful, collaborative workspaces. We provide infrastructure, services, events and technology so that entrepreneurs and small start-ups can focus on doing what they love. We have locations in several different cities and are always looking to expand!

– Sarah Allen, WeWork

WeWork Dream Space  Rolltop Desk

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