Social Media Stats South Africa

One thing I find amazing is how popular social media is globally + especially here in South Africa. It’s grown a huge amount in the last couple of years, making way for unconventional + exciting jobs to open up for creative entrepreneurs like myself! Take a look at the figures………

I would love to give a workshop to aspiring bloggers + creatives in the Cape Town area on all I have learnt since beginning my online blog 3 years ago. Would you sign up? Here’s what I would cover:

+ How To Make An Income Blogging

+ How To Kickstart A Blog On A Budget

+ How To Style Your Blog

+ 10 Ways To Find Your First Clients

+ How To Grow Your Traffic With Social Media

+ How To Use Mailchimp To Grow Your Brand

+ How To Get Inspired

+ How To Write For The Web

+ How To Take Photos For Your Blog

+ How To Attract Dream Clients in 5 Steps

Social Media Users in South Africa 2013

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