Green Feathers + EDM


This is my new conure “Donnie”. It’s short for a Xhosa word “Dontsa” which is actually a clan name. It means “To Pull”; to pull success towards you, to pull opportunity toward you, health, love, goodness. To pull two nations together, South Africa + America, to become one.

Seeing as I’m a South African now in America, it seemed appropriate 🙂

I don’t know much about him yet, he is brand new. I am slowly trying to get him used to his cage, his new space. I am building the trust between us – feeding him some seeds through the cage. I don’t know anything about gaining the trust of a conure. I’m gathering information on YouTube 🙂 Any tips from you would be greatly appreciated! I only know he loves EDM music and seems to sing to Gwen Stefani!


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