Plan Your Trip To Miami Now!

Taken at The Ritz South Beach

Greetings! I was browsing some of my photos and I came across these delicious little moments from a trip to Miami! I felt inspired to write about my recommendations, especially seeing as it’s officially Summer here in North America.

Here are my recommendations for hotels according to your budget:

Under $60 a night:

  1. Leamington Hotel
  2. Princess Hotel

Under $100 a night:

  1. Marriott 
  2. Riverpark

Under $200 a night:

  1. Hilton
  2. ME Miami

Under $300 a night:

  1. Intercontinental
  2. Hotel Beau Arts

Under $500 a night:

  1. W Hotel
  2. Ritz Carlton


  1. Versace Mansion (enjoyed a delicious dinner here, see below!)
  2. Viscaya Museum
  3. Coral Castle

Top 5 Places For Kids:

  1. Water Park
  2. Children’s Museum
  3. Zoo Miami
  4. Indian Village
  5. Urban Graffitti Museum

Hint: Try this website which gives you awesome discounts for many attractions if you buy a bulk ticket!

The Ritz South Beach
The Ritz South Beach
The Ritz South Beach
Nightclub on South Beach
Ocean Drive Miami
The famous Versace Mansion on Ocean Drive at night
Tobacco shop Ocean Drive
Tobacco / Cigar shop Ocean Drive


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