Visiting An African Prophetess’ Cave

2This is the cave of Makhetha Mantsopa. The prophetess was a renowned healer, rainmaker and diviner. She was also sister to King Moshoeshoe I – founder and first King of Lesotho. I wrote about Lesotho earlier this week. She was born around 1795, in a place called “Likotsi” or “Ramakhetheng” near present day Maseru (the capital of the Kingdom). In 1851, she predicted that the BaSotho (the people of Lesotho) would triumph over colonial troops led by Major Warden.

There are about 10-15 visitors per week to this cave – where she gave healings, performed miracles, announced prophecies and said prayers. A lot of people pray through her at this place to their ancestors and to God, much like the Virgin Mary in Christianity. The Priory of St Augustine’s is a monastery next to it, established in 1871.

There is a spring at this site, where people come to drink waters they believe are sacred and provide cleansing and good fortune. Watch the video below and read on for photos! Leave any questions you have in the comment section below!

Candles are lit by various Pilgrims, having traveled here from far away to say prayers and ask for healing
Maketha Mantsopa
A sign outside the cave
A signboard points the way to the cave
A graveyard is nearby, where Maketha Mantsopa is buried
People leave candles and stones when they visit as a sign of respect
An opening in the rock brings daylight into the cave below

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  1. Philani says:

    Good day,my name is Philani Nyezi from Bloemfontein, I’d like to visit mme Mantsopa cave to prayfor 3 days,how do I book an appointment with a tour guide?

    1. Tami Scripps says:

      Please call 041 585 9060 and ask to speak to Janna because you would like a quote on booking a tour to the cave. Tell them Tami from The Starlit Path Travel Blog directed you to her.

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