Ghost walk in…Newport

Castle Hill Inn at Night Newport
A spooky scene of The Castle Hill Inn at night! The female ghost who resides here has been seen by several staff members. She is said to be a relative of the original builder, Mr. Agassiz. Witnesses say she occasionally throws china in the pantry.

Even though I’ve done well over 13 ghost walks in the United States, spanning 13 states, I can honestly say I never thought to write about them or share photos from them until now. I began this ghost series a few weeks ago… I wrote about the ghost walk I did in York, which began where Guy Fawkes was born (the famous gunpowder plot conspirator who was hung and quartered in London), as well as ghost walk I did in New York only 3 months later. Now, a ghost walk I did in Newport, Rhode Island – haunted by the spirits from the gilded age….. Here are photos of haunted scenes around Newport and a tour company I recommend!! Have you had any haunted experiences where you live? I’d love to know!



Grace Vanderbilt Restaurant, Newport
The Grace Vanderbilt is said to be haunted by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, a scion of the wealthy Vanderbilt family. The 1909 property is a vintage Newport mansion that has been restored to its former glory and is one of the few private homes of the era to operate for guests as a fully functioning and top luxury hotel in Rhode Island
The Breakers Newport Rhode Island
The Breakers mansion is said to be haunted by the ghost of Alice Vanderbilt and her ghost has been seen regularly in the mansion since her death in 1934
A Copper Cocktail
A blood orange cocktail to give me dutch courage
Bar games
Playing cards in between haunted visits
Dinner at Vanderbilt grace, newport
A stop for cheese + crackers at The haunted Grace Vanderbilt … keeping an eye out for the ghost!
Moet Chandon
Maybe the ghost likes champagne….
Cemetery Newport
A graveyard next to St John’s the Evangelist….which began meeting in the Third Street home of Peter and Harriet Quire in 1875
Church steeple on a cold evening newport
Trinity church is the oldest in Newport – 1698
Cemetery Newport
Graves at dusk…view of the ocean in the distance beside St John’s 
Newport Rhode Island
A midnight trolley 
Castle Hill Inn Turret Suite
The moon rises on a cold December evening over the water from the Turret Suite in Newport

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